How to have your Book Published

Publish your book

Their readers don't care who published the book. Have a look at our guide to publishing your science fiction and fantasy novel. You went through the eye of a needle to get published. And""writing the whole book"" is not just a first draft. When your goal is to have a published book and to use it to win customers, to consult appearances, to speak, etc.


Publish your book - advice from a commissioning editor

Much of my spare working hours are spent speaking to scientists, faculty and undergraduates to find out how we can best help their study and career needs, and discussing new work. The interviews provide me with direct information about my commissioned work, help me to find appropriate subjects and writers and ultimately to decide on publication.

A clear and appealing approach is the basis for all our book successes. No matter if you have a text book or a book of references in your head, the first thing to do is to find out why the book will be useful and what makes it special. Maybe it is the first book on a new research subject, or maybe you have been a teacher for many years without a book you can suggest to your schoolchildren.

Irrespective of your motivations for authoring or working on a book, it is important to consider why the book should be published and how it will be useful to the readers. We are always happy to help our writers to develop their first concept on the basis of our editorial skills and in-depth understanding of the markets and professionals.

So what makes a good book suggestion? If you are satisfied with your design, the next step is to sketch out your plan in the shape of a booklet. The Commissioning Editor provides you with a book suggestion book. It should clearly describe your book idea, together with a clear table of contents, along with information about the readers, all competitor books and why you are the perfect candidate to review or review the book.

The editor sends your book suggestion for peer reviews with the goal of obtaining input from several intern. Reviewer are invited to give their comments on the contents you propose, the prospective book markets and the contributions it would make to the latest books in this area.

You will share your feedback and have the chance to talk to your editor about your ideas or doubts. It will also give you the possibility to formally reply and, if necessary, to revise a suggestion. It is a precious chance to fine-tune your plan, but it is important to keep in mind that you can't always keep a narrow view on the book and make everyone smile!

So how do we determine what we release? Provided the evaluators' response is favorable, your editor will present your definitive suggestion, the report abstract and an associated businessplan to a panel of editors and corporate-marketers. In view of all this, the Audit Subcommittee will make a recommendation on further disclosure.

When your book suggestion is accepted, your Commissioning Editor will provide you with a publishing agreement. In this phase we arrange a preliminary timetable for the projekt and discussed the conditions of release, e.g. the important question of authors' fees! If you have any questions, your editors will be happy to review the conditions of the agreement and your agreement with you.

The editor is also in charge of all editing issues such as book contents, contract issues, publisher decision-making, working with our distribution and distribution team, and finally, the successful sale of your book. Ever thought about releasing a book, but not sure where to begin? The commissioning editor will be happy to talk about your idea and help you with it.

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