How to have Nice Writing

Getting Nice Writing

You will learn a simple technique to make your writing look chic. In order to do great things, you have to love to learn. I have written some articles on this topic:. so I made her a him.

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Creating counterfeit graphics (tutorial

Good hints on which line to make thick to give the look of writing with a calligraphic crayon. For those of us who find real ligraphy confusing. i LAVE Jones Design Company! lime ligraphy - To give your note the likeness look, you must make all the down marks fatter and fill {as if you would write with an angle pencil}. loves the flaw!

How does your manuscript tell us about you? The survey shows that more than 5,000 personal characteristics are associated with our spelling.

You an open-minded, skeptical humanitarian? You can even use it to detect possible medical conditions such as stricophrenia, high BP and increased levels of fat. Analyze the manuscript in what is known as graphicology. Small handwriters are inclined to be timid, hardworking and painstaking, while open-minded individuals who enjoy attentiveness have a greater one.

When the manuscript has an intermediate font length - the upper side of the characters is just below the middle of the line - the pen is well set and adjust. Persons who are leaving large spaces between words are enjoying their liberty and do not want to be overcrowded, while those who are writing closely together cannot bear to be alone and pushy.

When the manuscript is tilted to the right, the character is open to new experience and enjoys getting to know new friends. When the manuscript is tilted to the lefthand, this tends to keep to himself. Humans whose manuscript is not inclined in both directions are logic and convenient. Personal characteristics are also recognizable by the way in which the characters are typed.

As an alternative, those who draw tight ribbons have a tendency to be sceptical of others and limit themselves to certain actions, leading to stress. Also the way humans puncture their'i's and intersect their't's can be a personal trait. When the point of the note is high above the basis, it indicates that the author has a great fantasy.

A procrastinator tends to puncture their'i's and'j's to the lesser side of the basic character, while childish personalities type their points as circular. A slash at the point means that the author has no tolerance for shortcomings or is excessively self-critical and is angry with those who do not study their errors.

Shortcrosses are usually made by someone who is rotten. Circular characters are more inventive and artful, while pointed characters are a symbol of anger or intellect. Writing the letter'o' with a bow or a gap at the top of the note means that they are communicative and convivial, while closed'o's refer to someone who is personal.

Similarly, a round lower case letter's' means that the author is a humanitarian, but if the round bottom is too broad, this indicates that he is not following his own core either in his or other areas of his work. Lightweight authors have a tendency to be insightful and sensible, but they are lacking in vigour. It also states that a person's physical condition can be determined by their manuscript, for example, those with high BP have a tendency to have a script that is sometimes severe and obscure, and bright at other time.

A very small spasmodic manuscript called micrography is one of the signs of Parkinson's disease. Manuscript with high printing is also a mark of high energetic, while gentle printing is a mark of fatigue. The uppercase letter'I' in other test is usually spelled much bigger than other uppercase letters by someone who is conceited and has a high self-esteem.

How does your manuscript tell us about you?

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