How to have a Book Published

As one publishes a book

It's changing, but it takes more than a village and a lot of time. Prepare your camera to capture the smile of your published authors. In order to publish your book, you must ensure that it is in the best possible form before taking it to agents or publishers. A lot of people who ask my advice have already invested a lot of time and energy in writing their book. When you publish yourself, you know that you have to do all the advertising.

To have published a book and what I have learnt since then.....

I ate a Potfnudel one night and watched the football match when I got an e-mail from a publishing house. It had been approved by the editor. My goal was to become a published writer. After receiving the e-mail, I spend over a year (longer than it took to type the thing) emailing back and forth to my publishing house, processing, hacking and modifying and colliding on the frontpage.

I just wanted to see my book in a store. Finally the publication date came and I gave two book presentations. Some in Hong Kong, where the book plays, and another in Leeds, where I come from. It was humiliated by how many of my girlfriends and relatives made the endeavor to come along and, when my friend acts as a wine-fueled selling agent, I got to hit a reasonable a few books. What is this?

  • Unless you are with a very large publisher if you want to be selling your book to folks beyond your boyfriends and your loved ones, you have to devote a terrible amount of your precious resources to your own brand. I am conscious that this is a great nuisance for many writers. Grab a message from your book out there and create a kick.

Mail journals, papers and reviews a few month before the planned publication date. Link Facebook typing groups and - without which is and?-?without, which is and?-?tell folks about your book. Publishing parts of your book on Medium and WordPress. - Don't turn to writers / critics etc. who obviously have a different taste. I' m receiving an excessive number of news and e-mails from book writers who have incredibly muscly, half-naked veterans on the covers.

Maybe I should wonder why folks think it is? It gives you an insight into your way of typing. - As in all areas of human existence, some folks are morons, but most folks are okay. Media is good for the publication of your blog and extracts from your book. LinkeedIn is really boring, but you can get in touch with critics and other writers, which can be useful, and Twitter is a mystery I haven't nearly solved.

  • If you don't have a publishing house and you're sure you've done something good, don't be worried. - If you don't have a lot of them, don't bother. When you get a moment, please like my FAQ page for periodic (but not too frequent - I'm not a pest) blog, shorts and book-update.

I have just released my first novel Bright Lights and White Nights on Proverse.

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