How to have a Book Printed

Getting a book printed

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I' m gonna need a little book..... - GERMANPSS

When the book is in a small or uncommon file layout (e.g. 6x6, hard cover, 32 pages), your selection will be restricted. This edition came to me when I printed a small prayer book in hard cover, with a small number of pages and 6" x 6" pages. The majority of printer would just not be producing a book with these values.

Some others were willing to do this, but to bring the cost to an acceptable standard, I would have had to run 6,000 or more at the first press, and that was out of the question. No. I didn't have to do it. Because the page number was very low, it was difficult to find someone who could put it into a case-bound form, but because it was poetic mixed with nib and inks, the lay-out was critical and I could not only raise the character sizes to create a fatter book.

At the end I had to use a printers in India that used very thick papers to get the book at an accessible rate (even taking ocean freight into account). Print product was stained, with about 15% of the bad grade book (failed binding, swabs, etc.) that I had to throw away, but here too the ultimate costs per book were lower than in the US if I had printed them.

32 pages of inspiring poems by an unfamiliar writer rarely sold at this rate.

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