How to get your Paper Published

Where can I get my paper published?

To ensure that the journal is consistent, read about its goals and scope. Send your manuscript to one magazine after another. Think about how you can share your research data. Understand the impact of a journal using journal metrics. Describe why your work is important.

Publish your first research paper

It is a great challange to release this first scientific work, especially in view of the "publish or perish"-environment. In his publication advice, Professor McNay, who led a Society for Research into Higher Education workshops on the subject this past past past year, said that a great challange was "to find the right research resources and time".

"There are" a crowd " of graduates in a position where "schedules just don't give them enough to get a good schedule and get a good job, do the field work and have reflecting writing time," he said. Among the many causes why documents are refused, he said an ordinary one was "You sent it to the false journal".

In addition, if you adapt a dissertation for publishing, he added, the reader will be less interested in your backgrounds, the bibliography research and the methods. "You want to know the fundamental detail to determine the applicability and feasibility of your method," he commented. One of the students of divinity at the University of St. Andrews has been honoured.

The Burkitt Medal for Bible Study was presented by the British Academy to Nicholas Thomas Wright, Research Fellow in the New Testament and Early Christianity. She has been named Principal of Education and Training at the University of East London. Bentham is currently Head of Research and Education at Soas, University of London.

The Durham University Barclays MBA program has been named the new Head of the Durham University MBA program by Julie Hodges. Hodges will take overall management responsibilities for the full-time, managerial and overall MBA programs, as well as operating them. Mr Minten is President and Deputy President of the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Metropolitan University, which includes sports, educational and pediatric colleges, as well as event, tourist and hospitable institutions.

Harris has been named Dundee University Senate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Previously, Professor Harris was Director of Gray's School of Art at Robert Gordon University.

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