How to get your novel Published

Publish your novel

Ensure that your book is ready for publication. Would you like to publish your own book? Publish your novel Well-housekeeping, Orion Buch and top frahling Amanda Preston from Frahlingur LBA have joined forces to give you the chance to publish your novel. We are looking for someone whose work is unreleased and who has never had a wife before. The first price is a £6,000 contract with Orion Fiction, plus agency for Amanda Preston.

Please provide us with a complete summary of your history (no more than two A4 sheets), 5,000 words of your women's novel and a 100-word mini-biography of yourself. IF registrations by 31 March 2018. Open to British participants 18 years and older. It must be a fictional novel in the genre of female noun.

Participants may have been published themselves, but must have the right to their listing. Only one entrance per passenger. Please include a print copy of your listing, in 12 pt format on A4 hardcopy. All submissions must be submitted by 31 March 2016. The winner must accept to be asked for an interview for a contribution and an excerpt from their novel to be published in Good Housekeeping.

Hearst Magazines UK retains the right not to give out the price if we do not get contributions of a published work.

Competition: Join to publish your novel

The publication is the ultimative sleep for authors..... It is also one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging, step in the write cycle. You wrote a novel - what now? Her work does not go on selling itself, it is not published by itself. Inkitt, a numerical literary book collection for authors and reading people, provides authors with the possibility to be published and to give the reader the possibility to work "before they go into mainstream".

Incitt is a free website; writers can post their stories on the website and get a broad audience. Fiction that attracts the most interest of Inkitt's reader wins the war. That could be the beginning of a written careers, because Inkitt has already done it for writers once!

Winners will then receive a contract with a large advertising budge. Inkitt's marketers are investing $6,000 to promote the winning product with the aim of generating enough revenue to get into Amazon's top 100 on the marketplace. Inkit organizes competitions on a regular basis, sometimes once a month, so that you will have many possibilities!

Don't miss this great chance and Inkitt's website for prospective authors and interested reader. You can find more information on how to publish with Inkitt in the following video:

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