How to get your Book Printed

This is how you get your book printed

It' also super easy to do. Simply use our simple online ordering application to select your bleed size, page number, binding option, etc. Saving money with our many custom book printing options to get the best deals and the cheapest books. We have Christine and the Your Books team here to help you print your book. Letterpress printing is now easier than ever.

Call to all self-published authors: Publishing your books in print with NOOK Press

Every writer who has written a textbook himself knows both the difficulties and the appeal of getting your textbook from a reader into his or her hand. Self printed textbooks are costly and logistically challenging, and the distribution of these textbooks can be even more onerous. There has been a very restricted number of ways to establish a POD (Print on Demand) bookshop for years, and the available features often block writers into a selling plattform.

We at Barnes & Noble are pleased to announce the introduction of our new NOOK Press printing system. Through Barnes & Noble, the country's biggest bookseller, it enables all NOOK Press writers to publish their titles in both printed and electronic form! As well as selling their titles in printing, independent writers profit from the advertising power of B&N and its retailers - all at affordable royalties.

Believing that writers should benefit from their creative talents, we will offer some of the highest bonuses for printed book sales through B&Ns. This new printing software is smooth and intuitively designed for first-time printers because B&N wants writers to spend more and less effort typing new textbooks and less effort on the tech side of exchanging their textbooks with the rest of the know.

This is not only an outstanding option for independent publishers looking to distribute printed literature, but also offers possibilities for publishers to advertise their work. Using in-store facilities, as well as B&N shop showrooms, independent composers have a way to cut through the racket and bridge the gap into real shops.

In combination with our high royalties the new NOOK Press printing programme is the first option for self-published writers who want to start or increase their printed revenues. NOOK Press offers you and your customers the possibility to order your book in hard cover with book cover, unlike other printing plattforms.

Now, your reader can see your books in any desired size on screen, in pocketbook or hard cover. A major (big!) benefit of this new programme is the relationship with B&N retailers. With Barnes & Noble in the bookshops, we want qualified writers to be able to take full advantage of our vast resource - which includes our more than 600 brickworks and mortars businesses across the country.

We start with a present to our authors: We give every writer who registers with the new printing plattform and posts a volume on within the first few months a voucher worth 25 dollars. Whilst the sale of your printed publications via B&N means accessing the biggest bookstore in the country's retail market, an extra distribution channels for your titles and a simple system for the publication of both eBooks and printed publications, we would nevertheless like to welcome our re-marked writers in the press.

Like every writer knows, you can never have too many ways to get your book in front of prospective viewers, and you can never have too many sources of income. Intended to be the goldmark in the business, B&N's printing platforms offer unparalleled levels of customer service and customer care, high licensing fees and high value printed materials that will prove themselves over the years.

It' s quite a thrill - so register, post your first printed copy and request your present voucher! Find out more about our new NOOK PressPrint platform!

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