How to get your Book Printed

This is how you get your book printed

How does your book distribution plan work? Fulfillment allows you to sell directly to consumers from your website and earn more money. From editing and proofreading your manuscript to designing, printing and advertising your book. Buy your own copy or buy it for friends and family! It' easy to create and print your book.

As you let distribute your book: Things self-released authors need to know

In the past, the greatest challenges for self-published writers in the sale of their works were marketing - at least before the book trade was dominated by e-commerce. The most important thing an editor needs to know about book retailing today is that more than half of all bookstores ( "whatever the format") are sold on line.

Self-released writers have the same level of accessibility to on-line sales as the big editors. It is also largely free of charge, making it easy for any writer to sell his book at Amazon, the number one bookstore in both printed and on-demand. There is no need to rent an exorbitant self-publishing services to distribute your book through Amazon and other on-line vendors; you can ensure sales independently and at little or no charge for your e-book or printed book-editions.

As soon as you have e-book data available (EPUB and/or MOBI files), you have the option. Do you prefer to negotiate directly with any on-line merchant, or would you rather contact them through an e-book sales team? Direct collaboration with e-merchants usually means better profit, more controls and more accessibility to market and promotional tool (but not always).

Dealing with e-book allocation utilities usually means giving up a percentage of your profit to the list, in return for the centralised administration and multi-titleing. A number of e-book dispensers can also obtain connections that you cannot on your own, such as the book store, and can provide you useful utilities to optimise book sales und book marketing.

But the good thing is that you don't have to select between working directly with on-line merchants and using e-book vendors, because it's not common for any merchant to require exclusiveness. You can, for example, work directly with Amazon KDP to distribute your e-books on Amazon and then use an e-book distribution company such as Draft2Digital or Smashwords to contact other merchants.

Or, you can deploy directly to Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Nook (using their do-it-yourself portals) and then use Smashwords to cover the remainder of the industry (such as scribd and libraries). There is no right way, because it is dependent on your own schedule and your own ressources, your own book and your brand.

Or you can always make changes (but not without administrative effort and downtime). Distributing printed book is quite easy if you use print-on-demand printing instead of spending on one run (where you are producing several hundred or even thousand copies simultaneously).

Prints on-demand printing means that your book is not printed until someone orders and makes payment; once an order has been received, a copy is printed and sent to the client. Printed only when ordered will reduce your risks, but it also means that you probably won't see your book on national ( or even regional) bookshelves - that's the downside.

But do not expect to receive a printrun run in natural retailers. Initially released writers seldom have a satisfactory market and sale schedule (or success record) that would warrant ordering and storing the book on their bookshelves. Also, consider: If you have invested in 500 or 1,000 prints, do you already have clients or bank account you know they would buy these prints?

Are there any lecture or meeting venues where you can present them? Failing that, it is probably best to choose to go for this. If you want to order 50 or 100 printed versions at any time, you can order print-on-demand prints at sensible prices per copy. Suppose you go the print-on-demand way, then you have to consider two important distributors:

Again, as with the e-book allocation option, you don't have to be with either one. Then use IngramSpark to spread them to the world outside Amazon (bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and more).

It maximizes your coverage and your profit from each sales. You must purchase your own ISBNs from Bowker - you cannot use an ISBN provided by CreatingSpace with a book you wish to sell through IngramSpark. This is a major distinction between IngramSpark and CreateSpace: CreatingSpace provides a variety of fee-based PDF file creation support for you.

You will need these data to provide a printed copy of your book and sell it through the trade. IngramSpark does not provide editing, designing and producing work; you must have your PDFs prep.

You can buy a copy for the price per piece plus postage. If I want a copy, plus postage, my book, 101 Publishers, is around $3.60 per one. Nothing prevents you from ordering 50 or 100 at the same moment if you want to buy and distribute your book to bookshop.

When you really, really want bookshops to order and store your print-on-demand book: Ensure that you use IngramSpark and apply a 55% rebate and make the book eligible for return. While this reduces your profits and also the risks, these are the customary conditions you will need if you wish to place an order.

Ultimately, using CreateSpace and/or IngramSpark means that your book can be ordered as a printed copy by almost any retail store and is available through their web shop (e.g. When investing in a run and conveniently placing orders from home or the workplace, you must log in to Amazon Advance to market and resell your book through Amazon.

You' ll also have to cover the cost of sending your book to Amazon. To reach other dealers with your printed issue, it is much better to use IngramSpark's print-on-demand solution. Self-released authors can quickly distribute their printed and e-books to major on-line vendors using only a few prerelease fees or none at all.

Don't be deceived by costly self-publication kits that say they are distributing your book to tens of thousand stores. Today, the most discerning distributor is available free of charge to every single writer.

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