How to get work Published

Getting Work Published

Includes the ins and outs of magazine publishing, including the painful parts, such as pitching your work and getting rejected. I' ve read somewhere that you can master any ability by learning enough about it to teach it. to Harper Collins, one of the six major publishers. As one publishes a literary work in the diagram. New and unpublished authors often find it difficult to assert their work.

Guideline for publishing your work

In 2016, the products we published had a high degree of visibility. Axionometric opinions were part of the overwhelming bulk of our papers and democratized comprehension by providing readily available opinions that are very similar to the real world. Second, the evolution of the immersive television has enabled us to make full 360-degree walks through the interior of works of different size, producing pictures that are becoming more and more representational of the work' s actuality.

Generally, the graphs of published research has shown a user-oriented method that usually uses techniques that remove the barrier of technological representations to create universality. On the whole, however, this clear improvement in the way in which the authors communicate their thoughts is not mirrored in the text of the published works.

Now we hope to release works whose graphic design takes into consideration the context. Each work is expected to be presented by painting methods chosen not only for their esthetic effect, but because they mirror the architect's idea - for it is not the same to use an axionometric viewpoint with horizontal projections, for example, as it is an azimuth.

With regard to the text, we try to encourage a description that provides a full comprehension of the work while clearly emphasising the key elements of the work, using credentials where necessary to involve the readers by reflecting on the work itself and the suggested designs. Our aim is to provide clear and impartial information on the basic elements of each individual work, in a consistent manner, able to provide the readers with the basic information and to invite them to give their opinion on the work.

These are some good samples we got in 2016: Photography: We' re looking for photos showing general perspectives of the projects, first with wide perspectives showing the relation between the structure and its contexts, and then perspectives showing the relation between the different interiors. It is also important to take photos that show special aspects: close-ups that emphasize detail, surfaces and material.

All in all, we are looking for well thought-out photos of each work that go beyond fashion in photo technology. These are some great samples we got in 2016: Among other things, we are expecting sketches, maps, perspectives, assemblages and cuts. The aim was to convey the architect's visions while providing technological contents in an easily understandable and legible way, using new technology to describe the key features of each design.

These are some outstanding samples that we got in 2016:

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