How to get work as a Writer

To work as a writer

Join Content Writer, Copy Editor, Writer and more! You may be accepted as a regular contributor if you enjoy your work well enough. Often we need one or two freelancers to help us with large projects - or when we really get going. We' ve got as much work as you can handle. As a freelance writer can work.

Come to us full-time

We' ve evolved a great deal since we began not so many years ago as a crazy shine in Martin's eyes. We' re still expanding. To see which jobs we are currently working for, click here. Often we need one or two freelancers to help us with large scale project work - or when it really starts.

We are not currently accepting new freelance translators in the UK, but if you are a US resident, we would be happy to hearing from you. It is our second year work placement for second year college graduates interested in a professional development in the field of corporate finance.

Self-employed writer to facilitate legal language

We are looking for trustworthy, gifted freelancers who enjoy working on a broad spectrum of subjects, in particular law. Our work focuses on juridical issues. They are all beginner subjects and not on an academical basis. You write about everything from why a certain certified agreement for a shop is needed to write a checklist item of the best utilities to use for an e-commerce store in order to boost sales. What do you do?

We are not looking for pure text items, but well-researched items to inform our customers: items with pictures, hyperlinks, quotations from research work, quotations from experts, etc. Many of our essays are more than 1000 words, usually about 2,000 words. A number of items have more than 10,000 words. We do not look for searchengines, but inform our clients about the agreements they are looking for.

Our goal is to be a master for our clients. We' re looking for authors for at least one day/week. We' ve got as much work as you can do. Themes with a suggested schedule of events are offered, with due deadlines and the necessary length. In most cases, however, you copy the articles, hand them in, we check and ask for changes if necessary, and then make them public.

Authors are payed every two weeks in US dollar using PayPal. We will show you, as far as we can, your Bio-Byline to give you Authors' Cards. She is a mother tongue writer with good written and spoken German. Where do we work? We' re working on Google Docs and e-mail.

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