How to get Started as an Author

Beginning as an author

That doesn't mean you can't succeed with a later novel. Things you need to become an effective blogger. Okay, so someone told you you have to go on Twitter, but you have no idea how. You can start here: It is a changing business.

Note to the author: Between the creation of an accounting to the publication of a Ressource

We are pleased that you have chosen to join our fellowship of writers who are publishing high-quality educational material for over seven million members around the year. You will be asked to provide a user name that is displayed next to the uploaded resource as part of the procedure. Keep in mind that your account is displayed on line, so don't give us any information you don't like to public.

Publish your first asset - it's uploading now! Choose and annotate your file accordingly, give a descriptive caption and describe it in detail, then we ask you to add the appropriate ages, topic and themes to your download. Tip: Inserting key words as part of your descriptions helps your asset find you.

In accordance with the General Business Principles, please keep in mind that you should only pass on or resell materials that you have created yourself or that contain contents that you are authorized to use. Include in your libary - The more ressources you post, the more functions you will enable. Build your store - Once you have 10 premier sources released, you can become a bronce author and start your own "shopfront" page.

It is also possible to select three marked ressources, which you can modify as often as you like. Have a look at our author blogs, where you will find hints, instructions and authoring tools. Plus, learn about the practical aspects of being an author and remain for more advices included seasons insight on how to increase your ressources and generate revenue as well.

Getting started on Twitter in 5 simple moves

Okay, so someone tells you to go on tweets, but you have no clue how. Don't be too hasty. Tweeters does a great work of guiding you through the entire lifecycle, but you need to get their advices to do something good. The following tutorial is useful to find out how to work.

Begin following men. Tweeters is not very interesting until you are following at least 30 persons. Tweeters can obtain contact from your Gmail or Yahoo accounts and help you find those you already know who use them. These are the first folks I suggest you come first. And if you are an author, you should also be following these 7 persons.

Following someone on Twitter: You will find it under your photograph. Failure to see the Track icon means you need ttwitter. Once you are logged in to Facebook, click on My Profile and then on Icon. Check out this tip on Tweeters. Find out what you can say on Tweeters and how you can win supporters.

This is our step-by-step tutorial to link your Facebook state to your Facebook state. This is our step-by-step tutorial for setting up your mobile tweet.

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