How to get someone to Write a Book for you

Making someone write a book for you

" Even if you get a publisher, you have to do your own marketing. Just do a web search for "ghostwriter" or go to an online clearing house like Elance or Guru. Well, the hard part is finding the best person for the job. Suggestions for non-fiction that anyone can write: So, the next time you or someone you know tells him to write a book, keep this whole mind.

The 5 easy ways to become a "big name" to preface your book |

If you ask someone to do your preface, it's usually a straightforward procedure. One of the hard parts is to find the best people for the task and then convince them to send it to you. These are the fundamental tips to find the right people for the preface to your text. You' ll be taught the basics to find the best author of the preface to your work.

You' ll be taught how to tell them how they will profit by reading the preface to your work. It' very simple to get someone to do the preface to your work. Well, the hard part is to find the best people for the work. They need someone with a documented success story, such as a featured writer or a winning personality in their field, or a vast following of people in the field of SMB.

They also need to know what a preface is about, why a textbook has a preface and what it means for the box. That' a hell of a thing to look for in one man. However, if you are following the fundamental moves I am giving you here, you are on the best way to find the right people.

These are the fundamental steppes to find the right persons to type the preface of your book: This is a very simple exercise for you to complete. When researching your textbook, you must have come across all the "big names". In the ideal case, you want a speaker to give your preface, which has a large following of fans of social networking, or an extensive headline-report.

You can find your e-mail addresses on the web - usually on your website or at work. You can contact your editor directly by e-mail if you cannot find their website. A lot of writers will give you their e-mail addresses somewhere in their books. Sent them your first e-mail with a comment about a textbook you have been reading and mentioned in your letter.

Or instead of this e-mail, you can try to contact them on LinksedIn and give them a comment about their letter or text. All you have to do is submit a second e-mail within a few short periods of time asking them to include a preface to your work. DIY Author Chris Well's Blog - 5 simple words to get a "big name" to preface your author's work. By Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

This makes it easier for them to say yes in three simple steps: This second e-mail will contain a downloadable file of your text. Notice that your books are well maintained. You' ll need to insert a very professional-looking dust jacket into your existing one. Someone they can rely on, someone they'd like to pin their name on.

Futhermore, keep your inquiry brief and straightforward. Describe the advantages of typing your preface in three straightforward steps: The key advantage of typing the preface to your text is its popularity. Be sure to tell them that you will put their name on the front page of your album.

All of us want to pin our name on someone we think has a good opportunity to show us. Tell them that you value their opinions and that it is very important to you that their opinions are in your work. If you have a good design and a good looking covers, plus see how well your books are done, plus see the great references you've already had.

In a third e-mail, ask them if they have recieved your last e-mail asking them to write the preface to your work. If they have any queries or need further information about you or your publication, please let them know so that they can e-mail you at any time. Make it brief and concise.

To ask someone to do your preface is a straightforward procedure. Do you want to tell us how you were able to persuade a "big name" to do the preface of your text? 2. So why did you decide to go after this individual to do the preface? Kunz's vision is to help others benefit from their abilities, expertise and expertise - to succeed in authoring and releasing non-fiction books and to win an audiences of those they know, like and rely on.

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