How to get Rich Writing a Book

Getting Rich Writing a Book

What about the "authors" - if you can call them that - who see writing as a scheme that gets rich with little effort and publishes brochures. The majority of authors don't get rich when they write books. I' m surprised at the cynicism in most of the answers here. You want to get rich selling books? It is easy - if you do not focus on selling books as the primary way to make money.

You will never get rich if you sell your book - but you can do it instead.

It is possible to make a great deal of profit by the sale of a book, but only if you take the right one. Isn' t the sale of a book the same as using a book to earn a living? Indeed, concentrating on bookstores is usually the poorest way to make it.

To make any kind of profit from a book, the best way is NOT to buy it. If you are looking to use your book as a promotional instrument, the best way is to use it to help you make something else that makes you well. It is almost not possible to produce a significant number of books.

In the past year, around 300,000 new titles were released in America. BookScan, the firm that tracks all book purchases, says that only about 200 titles per year are selling 100,000 or more pieces. There are even fewer than a million titles that have been distributed last year, probably almost ten (almost all of which were novels).

There is hardly a book that can sell better than this. There are 10 million titles that have gone on sale in the story, and the book is so small that there is a Wikipedia page about them. What is even more serious is that you can't ask enough for accounts to make a good income. Not even the best book ever published will be taken up if it has a higher price.

Humans have a low threshold for their perception of the value of a book. Only one group of individuals have to concentrate on how many examples they sell: professionals (novelists, belletrists, etc.). You have to take care of the sale of book prints, because booksellers are your primary sources to earn moneys!

You have nothing else to offer but a copy of the book. As soon as you stop to think about book selling and begin to think about a book to try to make another sale, everything changes. We therefore recommend that our customers look at books: The book is a versatile promotional instrument with one-of-a-kind and specialized skills to generate awareness that you can turn into a sale.

The book itself attracts interest for businessmen, specialists and other businessmen who own businesses, are specialists in their fields and perform other activities for which they are remunerated, such as talking, counselling or coaches. This awareness is the means to be able to offer other, bigger possibilities that can be VERY profit. They are able to sale goods and service - talking, advising, software- a variety of things.

She' s made us a book named The Pop Up Paradigm. She' s estimating she made almost a million bucks out of the book. It did it by sales LESS than 1,000 units. First and foremost by writing it to increase her profile and create a sense of control for her and her company, and it worked exactly as she wanted.

As not many are interested in retailing literature, the focus on copy sales has been a loser from the outset. Doing so, she focused her book on how the new technologies she had introduced in pop-up retailing could help stagnant retailers. Sharing her know-how and experience, her book was the first to deal intensively with this subject, making her a recognised specialist in this area.

She trebled the incoming lead for her consultancy services and contracted a multi-million US dollars with one of the biggest shopping centers in America to develop and execute her pop-up strategies. It'?s all because of her book. This was a promotional instrument designed to attract the interest of a certain group of individuals and it worked.

That' s the point: if you see a book as a means of selling something else, then the opportunities for making a living are much greater. Known as an authority on business gifts, it was not until he joined forces with Scribe to create Giftology that he saw the repercussions of a book on his professional life.

In addition, he personally autographed tens of new customers, both directly from the book and through customers he got to know during his lectures. Matter of fact is, if you are a specialist with a attendance in your area, it is almost impossible for a book not to enhance your visibility, enhance your authority to pass to press appearances and attract new customers and permit you to get paying talking concerts.

It' simple to see a book as an asset and make a living as long as you don't concentrate on copying. Release your book in 2018.

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