How to get Publisher for free

Get Publisher for free

The publisher's goal is to be a tool for people with little to no graphic design experience to create publications that have an impact. Gain instant access wherever you go! They may be eligible to receive Office for free! During the trial period, you can install and use all the features of Microsoft Publisher. Unless you got it for nothing, it's affordable.

Microsofts Publisher 2013 - Downloads

Microsofts Publisher 2013 is a desktops publisher that is part of Microsoft Office 2013. You can create books such as maps, journals, menus and poster. The free evaluation requires that you remain signed in to your Microsoft accounts. On the screen you can load several images and drag them to the desired location.

Right-click on an artwork to fill or tile a frame onto the whole screen. In comparison to the 2010 release, the application is better embedded with the remainder of Office. One of the most useful tools from the remainder of Office 2013 is the possibility of drawing pictures from several websites such as Flickr or Facebook.

And you can even browse these websites, your own pictures, and's clipart in a dialog window. There are plenty of clipart available and with an additional web picture finding utility it's even quicker to find the right picture. Only disadvantage is that you will not be able to view new pictures when the connection is interrupted.

Most importantly, the right pane contains all your pictures. In contrast to the 2010 release, pictures are no longer just tilted onto the screen. Rather, you can move pictures between the scratching and the screen using drag-and-drop, giving you better controls over your ultimate release.

Usually the programme works quickly, even if you insert many large and detailled pictures. Even if you are no longer connected to the Internet, you can still work on clipart files from and other websites that you have already download. The Microsoft Publisher 2013 is a high-performance utility for creating various prints and publishing materials.

Being able to quickly collect photos from and other photo pages makes it easy to find just the right one. This new Scratch Area is a welcome supplement to organise all these screens. Preview the great Microsoft Publisher 2013 upgrade opportunities with this evaluation version.

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