How to get Published on Kindle

Getting published on Kindle

This is my Kindle Scout Book Deal Background - Keith Yocum Keith Yocum added his latest novel to the Kindle Scout programme in 2016. He was chosen for the 30-day advertising and then Kindle Press chose his novel for release - all for Keith's own amazement. One year later, Keith is here to tell us about his Kindle Scout expertise and the not-so-secret formula for his programme success: a professional design sleeve and a shiny work.

I published two of my own books thirteen years later and signed a contract with Amazon last year after adding my third volume, Color of Blood, to the Kindle Scout programme. So what is Kindle Scout? The Kindle Scout is a programme for unreleased scripts that links crowdsourcing with curators. It' quite simple: you need an unreleased script, a finished jacket, a short "one-liner" about the script and a script of 500 chra. or less.

Authors are then in charge of contacting their network and asking them to approve their work.

And the smart part is that anyone who approves your eBooks will receive a free copy when your titles are chosen for release by Amazon - which of course is part of the voting motivation. When your textbook is chosen for release after the 30-day Kindle Scout promotion, you will be asked to subscribe to a 5-year publisher-agreement.

Notice that you only want to have access to the ebooks and audio books version; the writer retains the printing and cinema permissions. There are, of course, the economic specifications that all independent writers like to know about: when published, the writers are guaranteed $25,000 in royalty fees over five years. As for Amazon's advertising effort, once they release your textbook, they turn tracks through a series of their own advertising mail.

At the moment a 99-cent promotional campaign is underway with a series of Kindle scouting "Reader Favorites". "And of course their referral search engines will suggest your product to people who have bought similar products in the past. Scouts winers are naturally invited to blogs, tweets, emails and buy online advertising for their eBooks with all the necessary utilities, although it is important to keep in mind that Kindle Press always has control over the prize of your eBooks.

That' s quite good conditions for most independent writers, and along with the advertising appeal of Amazon - the world's largest bookseller - it's a great way to quickly develop a following. It was a bit of a surprise when my textbook was selected for release after the Kindle Scout program.

I only sent an e-mail to about 25 persons during the course of the ad campaigns and asked them to support Color of Blood, so my own e-mail mailing didn't arouse much interest. At the beginning Stewart Williams and I were a little off-key about what the frontpage would be. I was sent two drafts for the front page, both of which were "conventional" enigma artwork - with the outline of an armed man.

If I say it was "conventional," it's not a negative: a good jacket is one that will quickly attract the reader, so compliance with the standards of a particular style is often the wisest step when it comes to selling. But I had something else in my head for Color of Blood.

Together we went back to the drawboard and determined that the front page should contain some kind of Aussie aborigine handicraft - as this reflected a pivotal sequence of the novel. He found the artwork and designed a sleeve that I was very happy with and that I optimized and changed right up to the last second.

At the end he was able to create a front page that caught the eye but attracted the interest of those who wanted to see a story. Color of Blood's review and selling speeds were quite astonishing as it was supported by Scouts. In 2009 I published my first independent novel Daniel.

8 gathering advanced, Daniel has 107 Amazon authenticated document and a 4. 3 statistic actor appraisal. Only one year after Amazon published Color of blood, it has 91 reviewed reports and a 4. 1 statistic stellar rating. 3. In only three month I got my Kindle Press deposit back and I' ve already bought 1000s of them.

Generally, the scout event was great. If I' m gonna keep my stories in the scout program: Colour of Blood is a trialogy and other writers have said that it is often quite hard to select a number of titles for the work. Besides, if I hand in another Kindle Scout work, I will use the precious insights that this first experiment has given me.

Envelopes are crucial for your magazine in a very overcrowded market. You should also devote your free minutes to working on your product description and market reviews - working with a pro here won't do any harm. I hate to say it, but publishers are a shop with clear methodologies for achieving results, with a clear genre-specific storytelling culture and neat, targeted work.

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