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Where can I get my letter published?

The most would-be authors who have never published before, try it too early. You write and polish your MS and then think that you are ready to publish. It's hard to sit down and write every day. I made five mistakes when I tried to get published. Resolving these problems in the planning phase will make writing easier and more likely when the manuscript is finally submitted.

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The most would-be writers who have never published before, try it too early. Writing and polishing their MS and then thinking that they are willing to public. Anyone who wants to successfully publicize must know his own business sector and his or her own group well. Obviously you would never author a work unless you had seen tens of the best-selling rivals, but now you need to analyse who buys it, how many are purchased and most of all why.

In this way you will be prepared for the next step: the creation of your own marketing-plans. Explain your goal purchasers and their motivations for this. After you do this, look for places where your targeted reader can be found in large (over 10,000) numbers. Decide what kind of article, post, comment or other message you can place there that will show (not say) your audience that you are offering what they want, and also decide your biography, your slogan, your job description or other information that will make a trace of bread crumbs that they can track your work.

ADDITIONAL OF ALL THIS, then you are willing to keep your ms with an eye on the insertion of "hooks" on which you can attach promotional tales or other items, customizing the product so that it extracts you can use as second sale seriell right, and various other things that will help you to sale the product.

Also, think long and hard about whether you can reset the ms to provide more of what your reader really wants from your work. After you have done all this, give ms one last run to eliminate all faults and repair the last unevenness. You are now prepared to send and receive your request for information or to initiate the self-publication procedure.

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