How to get my novel Published

Where can I get my novel published?

Here are the first three chapters of my novel TITLE. Okay, so you went through the long, long writing and rewriting process and made your book as razor-sharp and ready for use as possible. Exactly how can you publish a graphic novel? Key to the release is a fantastic plot and original, amazing art. We have many guides, such as this one, written by Basil van Rooyen specifically for the South African market:

F: Do I need a MFA to publish my novel?

However, typing was a kind of gentleman persecution, something done by scholarly men (and sometimes women), but not something you went to college to do. Now there are not only literacy certifications, but there are also written certifications, English Lit/Creative and even PhDs in creative authoring!

At least one student in each of the classes I give classes and at each of the conferences I give would like to know how important these qualifications are for their work. "Do I need a copywriting MFA to publish my novel," they ask. They do not require MFA or other qualifications, certificates or awards to be published.

Simply look out the New York Times best-seller listing or shelves in your local bookshop and you will find less than a handful of writers they have (if you are a fan of gene refiction, you are even less likely to find notarized writers, as these highly academic programmes mainly concentrate on literary invention).

This fact, however, does not make an intermediate conclusion in the field of literature insignificant. Writers can opt for an MBA or other typewriting software for many different reason. In order to deepen this, you could opt for a qualification as a writer: For non-fiction, the right grade can make a big deal if a publishers thinks they can market your books to the press and to the reader.

It is less important for literature if you have a diploma, but if you have one, you can distinguish yourself from others. This means for editors and editors that you have links through your scholarly programme to other published writers who could support you; it gives you a dedication to write as a careers, thus enhancing the ability to create more than just a novel (in other words, that you are a better long-term investor than a graduate writer); it gives you more ways to educate at colleges and prestigious meetings, which will increase your profile and open up selling possibilities.

When publishing houses know that they don't give a damn, they don't do it. It doesn't matter to your reader if you have a fanciful letter and a fanciful letter next to your name. Make a well-made, gripping tale, and no one will be interested in where (or if) you went to college to study how to do it. But, if you have been considering getting an MRF for reasons beyond getting published, consider the above as a nugget to throw on the scale while weighing your judgment.

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