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Here is a list of eight places where you can download free e-books. Now that we're talking about free books, that really doesn't happen in the real world. iPad mini includes an e-reader, but you need books to use it. iBooks on your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac lets you buy books from the iBooks Store and read them anytime, anywhere. Cookies are used so that you can make optimum use of our website.

Twenty ways to get free or inexpensive books and give away your old ones

When you want to clean up your home and make your lives easier, when you are like me, one of the most difficult areas you have to be concerned with is the books: getting rid of the old ones and reducing the cost of purchasing new books. However, there are many ways to get free or inexpensive books, and for the real fans of convenience, these are the only ways.

"I don't know why I want to keep this ledger. "If you really want to reread it, keep it. I' ve got a few dozens of books that I really like and that I really want to reread as soon as I forget the intricacies. However, books are often kept almost like trophy or horse-backed animals' head - they show how much we have studied and the big books we have started and how clever we are.

You will never again be able to open most of these books. The following are some of the best ways to get your books off, and more great for very little. It is one of the best ways to get free books on a regular basis.

You can of course do it for free with your boyfriends, relatives, classmates, neighbours - I exchange books on a regular basis with someone I know. However, if you really want to make books that you really want, skirt on-line book exchange service. They are not free, as you usually have to buy them, but they are nearby.

This is one of the most sought-after book exchange websites. Offer books to get them and use them to get other books you can find on-line. It is a free of charge postage although you will have to cover the cost of sending the books you are giving away. Quite the same business as Bookmooch - give away books to get approval, use approval to get other books.

You' ll be charged for shipment (usually $2.13, depending on the website). Over 1. 3 million books available. Here, too, there are vouchers for giving away books that you can use to buy other books. Free-of-charge but you' re paying for the postage to give your books to others. A further bookstore serivce. It uses the same approaches as the other exchange offices and covers not only books but also CD and DVD.

The same type of exchange, but with a $3.99 per volume charge you get. However, you do not need to send books. Bookswapping Services.... get points for list and send books, use them to get books from others. Payment for the dispatch of books to others.

√ĘThis is for UK based readership - again, give away and get books, just pay yourself for shipping them to others. There is no loan system like the others and you are free not to ship a loan that others request. In a similar way to exchanging books, bookshopping is a way of exchanging books over the web.

In principle, you are listing the books on your bookshelf and accept to send each of your books when called. You can also order any books you like. It' an extremly singular system, it's more like books' carma. It' a very simple explanation: Just open a volume, write a clear number on it and let it lie somewhere.

All over the globe there are proven crossroads, but they are not needed. When someone happens to collect your textbook, they will post a short comment on-line and you can view all the comments on the textbook you have "released into the wild". Now you can also look at the bookshelves near you to see which books have been stashed there and keep them if you want.

It is interesting to note that there is a chart showing where books are "published" or "captured" all over the globe - in near-realtime. America`s BookShelf. Listing your books on-line, and if one is required, you will get a stamped cover in the post - just put it in the letterbox. In order to get books, you have to buy credit.

It works very similar to exchanging books, but is a little different. First of all, enumerate books you are willing to mail to individuals, and if required, mail them (at your expense). They can also order anyone's books. As more books you enumerate, as more you can order. There are no loans, but there is a kind of karmic system that includes how many books you are listing, how many you are sending, and what kind of feedbacks you are leaving for others.

Make a little switch with some of the guys you know. This can be a official bookshop, or just a place to write books, and when you're done read one of them, get out of it and take another one. Become imaginative - there are no delivery charges, so you can return great books for free.

And if you don't Mind Books on the Computer, you can get tens of thousands for free. BooksFree. It' like NetFlix, only for books. Quite low subscription per month, and you can borrow several books at the same one. Once you're done, return them (you don't need to prepay for shipping) and get the next on your docket.

Cheapest cost is $9. 99 for 2 books at a single date; layouts go up to 12 at a single date. Books, but also CD's, DVD's, gaming, computer work... everything. Simply enumerate the things you want to exchange and they will make you commercial bids. When you see an item you like, you accept it, and then you send it to each other.

I' m making a frequent travel to a few economy stores (help a good cause and get books for just cents), as well as a very inexpensive used bookstore - I give them my used books for loans, and then you just give a few bucks for a few dozens of used books.

In spite of its name, it is really a way for college kids to buy used text books and buy them cheaply. An eBay, store is a way to market your used books and get some good offers for other used books. Well that' s not really a way to get free or inexpensive books (so it's not included in the "20 Ways"), but I would be careless if I were to talk about all those bookservices, and not including LibraryThing.

It' an easy way to publish your books on-line and let others see what books you read and see what others read.

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