How to get an Ebook Published

Getting an eBook published

For self-published e-books, the same rule applies as for the printing of books. With more clear information about your eBook, it becomes easier for you to publish it and promote it successfully. I'm trying to publish an eBook.

So how many Kindle e-books are there now?

So how many Kindle e-books are there now? Your eBook is missing in the mass? When it is, it is not too complicated to figure out why when you realize how many e-books are published each year. There are so many different online shops, different types of websites and of course writers all struggling for a part of the eBook industry, it's tough to know where to begin getting an eBook in front of prospective people.

In order to give some prospect here, just over a year ago, I was looking at the overall number of ebooksthat were available on Amazon Kindle at that point. That' a bunch of e-books! In order to give this number some extra perspective, Smashwords has an ebook catalog of 386,782 e-books as of today, which is a number that fades when matched with Kindle's catalog.

How much of an opportunity does your eBook have in a growing one million per year eBookarket? Amazingly, your new ebook will stand a good chance if you know what you are doing, because so many of these new e-books are published by writers who DO NOT know what they are doing.

When you can check the following 10 boxes to get your eBook recognized, your prospects of succeeding will be better than you think, even in such a crammed-marketplace. The ebook is error-free, well processed and carefully proof-read. She has a well sized ebook covering and a totally killing design.

You' ve complemented or upgraded your Amazon Authors Centrals page and added some HTML to your eBook page to enhance it. You' ve published your new eBook with Amazon KDP Select to give your eBook a kick start with free eBook promotion. You will then be able to choose whether you only want to post or stay on Amazon after three than.

While there are many other things you can do to increase your selling abstraction, the above ten hints are the fundamentals. If you do well, you have a good shot.

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