How to get an Agent for your Book

Where can I get an agent for my book?

Nearly everyone who is looking for a traditional publication would like to find a well-known wife. Most agents spend time looking after their customers; they have to keep their lists small or they won't do their job. Find a literary agent for your novel, memoir or non-fiction with our collection of tips for writers. Ultimate guide for a frahling!

When you dream of getting the best deal possible with a traditional publisher and seeing your book in print.

Finding a frahling

That was great? ?all I had to do now was to get an agent who would be safe and simple, given that I had backhand the explicit Englisch teacher-takes-cocaine-in-Hong Kong-and-gets-arrested book? Buying the Writers and Artists annual, I opened it diligently just to realize with dismay that every agent wanted a summary. It' not funny to write a summary.

After the book was ready, I was very interested in publishing my contributions as soon as possible. One night I jumped through my summary and used Google's first answer as a measure. It is important to have a good summary; as much, if not more, than the first few sections of your book.

The agent's choice to choose you will always be based on the power of your summary. Please take your free moment and pay attention to your summary. Make folks reread it and give us feedbacks. Do you think they'd want to see the whole book? Your Synopse must be edited if the response is no.

That is not the case when it comes to typing, at least if you are hoping to be a success in some way. Everything to do with your letter is a nasty scream. Take your chance, take your while. Sorting through my slutty synopses, I have put together a listing of all agents who are even the remotest interested in my novel, even those who are interested in eroticism (there is a very brief and clumsy sexual sequence in my book).

And all you're gonna do is spend your free life pissing them off. and the only agent I immediately shut out were the ones who needed a copy of my work. Once I had drawn up my shortlist/very long lists of possible operatives, I compiled a general covering note, again on the basis of a guideline I had found on the web.

My attempt to show a personnal note was meticulously clear. All the letters were the same except for one brief paragraph: Stay on the agent's website, search his customers and find anyone you like. nameedrop if you can be subtle about it?-?just do something to show that you have put some effort in and that you are caring.

I thought I was Ernest Hemingway, pour myself a hard whiskey, turned on my notebook and started to submit my things; copy and paste e-mails, name the agent, add synopses and chapter, submit them. I had twenty-five ?nearly-?nearly e-mailed half of my mailing lists. Found e-mails with misspelled name, unbound synopsis' and INSERT AGENT'S NAME HERE still in use.

After 2am I had withdrawn with my covering notes, quirks and bizarre commentaries to try to show my living person. Wait for answers from an agent is like wait for a text from a woman you like. When the refusal leaked after the refusal, I was reading my book from the beginning and saw things I hadn't known before.

How can I anticipate going anywhere with an uncompleted book? Reasonable covering note and summary or otherwise. I went through the second half of my tooth comb lists this week and was looking for someone who would really be interested in my work. Following further research, I found a UK publishing house in Hong Kong that received contributions from writers without being asked.

Reading their customer lists, I found that they had several writers whose work was similar to my own, and they were looking for Asian novels. Leveraging the mistakes of my ways, I took the liberty of writing a comprehensive and individual covering note, printing out and writing out my much better synopses and opening chapter at work.

They came back to me eight wks later and told me that they liked my things and wanted to study the whole book. I' m about to finish my second book and now I'm back in the UK, I'd like to bring an agent here. I' m not opening a redwine for you.

I hope that my new book will be published in the not too far away poster!

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