How to get a Story Published into a Book

Making a story into a book

This meant he had to print, market and sell his books himself. If not, how could so many people find out about it and buy it? This is the first book in English attributed to a woman, Revelations of Divine Love. Jane Friedman, quoted in this story, is the former editor of Writer's Digest. There is nothing more motivating than to see their work in a REAL book.

How I became a public writer at the age of eight

The 11-year-old Adhya Bhatnagar talks about her experiences with the self-publication of a poem called My Little Welt. It has received enthusiastic criticism from journals and papers. If you want to know the beautiful children's life, My Little Word by Adhya Bhatnagar gives you a good insight.

Childrens like my verses and they suggest more themes. Grown-ups ask: "How could you have written such a poem at such a young age? How could you do that? Where do you get poem inspiration? "You think it'?s hard to make music. However, the nights became boring because other students went to college, received lessons and then did schoolwork.

  • a hilariously funny volume of verse by Dr. Seuss. "I asked my mother one time, "Isn't that like a poet? And then I would sit down to be a poet every single working days. I soon had a compilation of many verses and I thought my novel could be out now. Not every poet can be made public, a good one should make you smile, and should be sorrowful or entertained.

" In total we have chosen only 12 of them. When I was a kid, my mom was a supporter. I wondered one of these days how many different types of green are there in the countryside, and she suggested: "Why don't you just make a poetry about it? "My question about a timer became a poetry of the age.

Now all my questions and remarks were poem topics. I had about 100 verses after a few month. We' ve chosen 40 for the ledger. I then made illustration and riddles to the verses. After a while it was there - the copy! I' m now 11 and I'm doing research and I' m making a notebook about the interplanetary world.

You will have the liberty to choose your own way of writing. As I' m writing a volume of poems. It' here at last, my own little one! If you want my copy, you can buy it here. Such as this one?

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