How to get a Story Published into a Book

Making a story into a book

""A wants B, but C stands in the way. The Rozabal Line author Ashwin Sanghi, The Krishna Key and Chanakya's Chant, advises fighting writers on how to publish them. Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive our current newsletter directly in your inbox. Attempts to find a publisher are unsuccessful. You can' make it sound like a real novel.

getting-published: Success story of an writer

It'?s difficult to get published. Ask John Schulian, an award-winning sports author and experienced TV author whose first novel, A Better Goodbye, has just been published by Tyrus Books. There is one lecture in his story that is not limited to typing. Goodbye to A Better has received enthusiastic critics. Here is a quotation from the book jacket:

"The novel is a sexual trafficking game that spans the realms of amusement and criminality, and is best watched in L.A. noire. Now, let's listen to John tell us about the long and twisty way of release. I will not, as far as I can tell, receive any awards for publishing my first novel at 70.

To have the book in my hand will be a treat enough, thank you - and to know that I am in the same class as Norman Maclean when he gave us his classical A River Drives Through It almost 40 years ago. Any foreseeable lucky adjective is valid for me when I go out with my L.A. noise, A Better Goodbye.

A number of writers intuitively deviated from what was known as my "dark story". "Unsympathetically," said a prospective purchaser and made me wonder how he would respond if I were to tell him what a beautiful period I had to create her. My writings were "terribly gifted" and "very attentive", my writings "polished and alive". Doubleday, Simon & Schuster, Kensington and Melville House thanked me, but no thank you.

Random Hous and Soft Skull/Counterpoint were added. I' ve been inaugurated into a society that has existed since the first journalist turned down a novelist for a publishers. And I was afraid the worse thing would happen when A Better Goodbye was released. I have been a pro author since 1970 - newspaper, magazine, Hollywood - and I was determined to find a novelist.

In this sense, my new agency brought my novel back to the market and focused on a new line of writers, whether or not they were at the publishers my first agency contacted. My best effort was not to get involved by creating shorts and producing sport scriptures.

However, every goddamn moment I saw a new detective story published by an attire I had never even seen before, I sent an e-mail to my new agents. One-third of the book I rewritten because of its power, and Gerry Howard liked what I had done to put it in front of Random House's decision-makers.

You said my novel, part thriller, part fictional literature, confused her. You said you didn't know how to buy a book like mine. Then my spy knocked on the door again and I started to clear some of the room in the writing table, where my novel would probably remain until it turned to powder.

Then in March - on the twenty-third, a date that was supposed to be a public festival - my agents phoned with not one but two proposals to release A Better Goodbye. I' ve taken the Tyrus Books deal. They' had released some of Craig McDonald and Scott Weddle's best-selling thrillers and put my boyfriend Robert Ward's breathtaking novel Red Baker back into the press.

When I came on board, Tyre's feet of leaden foot stepped on the throttle. You wanted to release my novel right after Thanksgiving, which means a whole bunch of work in a rush - to write a new top for an early section and a totally different closing section; search the script over and over again for spelling mistakes, spelling mistakes and merciless phrases; advertise; have a website made; spend a few hours on the computer, so long I thought my vision would be dim.

However, Ben LeRoy, who leads Tyre, when we first spoke on the telephone, said my novel was "great", and that was enough for me, even though he praises all his other authors equally. Anyone reading my book can confirm that there are happily ever after.

A Better Goodbye is available in hard cover, softcover, eBook und audiogadge. "A Penn State and University of Miami School of Law alumnus, he shares his days between Santa Barbara, CA and Miami, Florida.

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