How to get a Literary Agent

Where do I get a frahling?

We have a list of member agents with different information about them. Enter "Agents" on the page. Take a look at the books you take off the shelves. Write down title, author and publisher or imprint in your notebook. Then, take a look at the Author's Notes or Acknowledgements section.

Do' s and Don'ts of submission to a Frahlingen

Frahlingin Kelly Sonnack of the Andrea Brown Agency agreed the following do' s and don' ts for submission to a Frahling at the SCBWI LA Conference 2009. Feds don't want to be your first reading. Make sure your work is as complete as possible before you submit it.

Have a look at other writers who have written in your field. It' good to have an impression of where your books are stored in the bookstore. It is important for your agent to see that you do your work and that there is a certain amount of research and training on your side.

It is a useful promotional instrument to help you selling your books. Aim realistically for your books. They must have a ready-made volume. Don't submit a summary or idea chapter. Get your volume ready! So the agent wants to make sure you don't put her on the spot or damage her notoriety. The first section should tell you why you choose this agent.

She is a teener, she doesn't have to tell everything that happens in the film. So the agent wants to know why you chose her. Also, if you are sending an e-mail, make sure that the e-mail is included in the text of the request. Feel where your product will fit into the store.

elly would like you to cross-reference your work with other work. Don't exaggerate your ideas about your textbook, don't create aspirations you can't fulfill (i.e. this textbook will be a bestseller). Those are things like honors, training, experiences, which refer to the subject of the work, etc..

Self-released textbooks are NOT an experiment unless you have more than 10,000 units of them. An agent will like to have a feel for what else you might have and your careers. Textbook customers need at least three good reading materials to be covered by Kelly. Make sure you have chosen with care which agent you want to work with.

Don't ship to more than one agent at the same agent at a while. With Andrea Brown, an agent shares the work with other agent when they think someone else is better qualified for that particular customer. So if you get a "no" from an agent at Andrea Brown, you can be sure that it is a no from the entire team.

Don't send more than one or more projects to an agent at a single step, unless the agent has called. Don't send bulk mail agent by submitting the same general request to many at the same times (and you've included all e-mail accounts in the same e-mail). Prejudge what an agent might ask.

Get all three ready to return them as soon as possible. When you say you overheard Kelly talking at the CTBWI meeting, she will try to give you a letter. Don't post any unpleasant news. Take ideas and comments from an agent or journalist to the fore.

Don't attach anything. Praise the operatives for their answers. Get acquainted with the agent and his team. Inquire about the agent's expectation of your work. Don't ask how much the agent makes with your ledger. To find an agent is like marrying someone. So what didn't work out with your first agent?

Did you ever publish yourself? Usually an agent, for example, will earn 15%. When an agent asks more than that - go away! Ensure that you and the agent are a good match. Cause Self-Publication is bad - Self-Publication means that there is a volume with an ISBN number associated with your name.

When an editor tries to make a trade with Barnes and Noble or Borders for your books and they go to order your new books, your old books will be displayed with its ISBN. There is NO WAY for Barnes and Noble or Borders will come to get your new one because the last one was so bad.

You have the option of circumventing this if you already have a self-released work. If you are an illuminator, this is not so important because the name of the illuminator is not so often associated with ISBN numbers. Being with your agent when you have posted yourself, it is something you can work through together.

Find the right agent - It is important to find out your communications skills and ensure that you and your agent are able to speak to each other efficiently. Send work directly to writers - agents don't like that you have sent your work to an editior in the past.

Feds don't like it for two things. First, you usually cannot mail the work to someone at this publishers if it has already been declined, and the agent is frustrated that you sent the work before it was finished or as good as possible.

Secondly, the agent sometimes has a good plan on who to mail the script to, but you've connected to someone else that the agent thinks isn't quite as good for your job, and he works in the same building. Custom Formats - Beware of having a product that depends on a custom size - punching, glowing in the darkness, etc.).

She is Frahlingin at the agency Andrea Brown. They represent illustrated textbooks as well as young people' s literature, as well as graphical novel and non-fiction work. Among their customers are: On Kelly and her style: elly is very particular about rhymes in storybooks because they're notorious. When you are a picturebook author, Kelly wants you to have at least three good designs before she takes you in as a customer.

Kelly enjoys going through at least two revision rounds with one writer.

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