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Where can I get a children's book out?

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Like I made a children's book in 10 days: Between the Idea and the Release

A few months ago I got the impulse to compose a Christmas book after talking to another children's book writer who was doing a free promotional campaign for his children's book at the same one as my own free one. He got far more down-loads and post-promotional sells than mine, so I wanted to find out what I could do to get better results.

I could see one of the greatest discrepancies is that his book was seasonal - especially, it was a book about making gourd cakes, and he did the Ph. It gave me the impetus to publish a Christmas book before the holidays so that I could do promotional and publicity work that hopefully would not only promote the sale of this book but also my other titles!

When I had the brainstormed to make a Christmas book, I made a rhyme book about pets that celebrate Christmas on their farms. As soon as I had my ideas, I began to collect certain words by reflecting on words I would use in a book about a farm: animal labels, Christmas words and such things.

It took a whole of about an hours (15 pages, so short) to write the book, and then I quickly edited it and read it aloud by my woman and children to make sure it was flowing well, had a good pace and was generally not horrible Once I got her permission, I immediately sent it to my great graphic artist and asked her to get to work as quickly as possible.

I' ll be honest: One of the reasons why I can turn my book over so quickly is that my illustrated artist Geraldina is surprisingly quick-. It took her about a whole book (11 pictures on the page and the cover) only a whole weeks to turn over. As I said, it's quick Even if your illustrator isn't that quick, the whole sketch checking and then getting immediate feed -back or authorization back to them can make the whole thing a lot more quick.

One other thing I did that accelerated the cognition was to product on the product time I waited for different part to get done. I got the artwork on the page before the artwork was done, so I immediately began to format the book and prepare it for publication while I waited for the artwork.

I' ve also been spending a lot of my free day to write the descriptions and prepare a "launch" marketer schedule while the book was being pictorialized. This is a big shift I've made since I began to write that has contributed to making things happen a lot faster - this times I've tried my best to keep things in motion as quickly as possible.

I used to have written the book and then waited a few nights to have it sent for artwork, or I got the artwork back and then took a few nights off before I started formatting it. Over the past few weeks or more, this added ease to the lawsuit without winning me anything. I was able to get the book out much quicker than I had before by making myself act all the time.

It may not seem like much, but this levels of production should allow me to release at least 3 or 4 more titles per year, which significantly increases overall take. I knew I had to finish the book in time for Christmas, because I don't anticipate selling it for a while afterwards, but there is no need to repeat this kind of determination for further work.

It' s getting quicker with each book - I've significantly shortened the publishing times of each of my titles, and one big factor is that I've been able to take advantage of the work I've done on the past series. Instead of for example making a complete new Word file for this book, I used my Natasha the Ninja Princess paper and simply exchanged the text and pictorial.

That means that the tedious formating problems I've encountered before, where the text overlaps or doesn't display correctly on other pages, weren't a concern this one. As a result, the release times were considerably reduced. Same goes for the front page (especially the printed version) - it took me about 5 attempts to get the front and back page covers right because I kept getting the measurements right or had problems getting truncated by the printing as well.

I was able to use what I had learnt from the last book in only 2 attempts to fix my covers. It was a great practice for me and I'm really thrilled that I decided to do it and finished my book so quickly.

I' m already beginning to see the benefits of it in terms of heightened sales for my other two accounts, and since I'm going to be operating some free sponsorships of Christmas on the farm in the next few weeks before Christmas, my hopes are that they'll even pay out! So if you've been considering writing a children's book for a long while but haven't gone through the remainder of the trial, I really suggest that you set yourself a date and take huge measures to get it done and get it out into the realm!

When I released Christmas on the farm, I never thought it would be my best-selling (and most downloaded) book yet. As I had anticipated, it developed very well in December, but the interesting thing was that it also sold well in January, although Christmas was over!

Until today it has got my other novels (and got more reviews) by a considerable scope that goes to show the might of the seasonal and (I think) with an appealing, welcoming coverage. Besides all the specimens I' ve been selling, this was my favourite screen shot when I published this book.

This was during a free promotional campaign of the book for one december:) As this is a book for the season, I hope to be able to buy many of them every year in December! Based on the results of this book, I definitely intend to write and publish more saisonal titles as I can imagine them.

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