How to get a Ebook Published

Getting an eBook published

Authors who have published themselves have been very successful in recent years. However, getting through the Kindle direct publishing process can be a little intimidating. Random House, Holtzbrinck and arvato publishers are launching an e-book library called Skoobe. FYI: You can also have your eBook cover created by freelancers on these platforms. Your first task is to convert your blog entries into book content.

Cause I wanted to release my own e-Book

Beyond The MBA Hype was already released about 1.5 years ago by a major publishing house in India. My predicament is related to my electronic-booking. Initially the volume was composed for the global readership. It is about the generally undescribed and non-discussed aspect of managerial training. When your relatives, acquaintances, colleagues have threatened to go abroad to study, tell them to do so.

I always thought the contents were of relevance to anyone considering an MBA internationally. I wanted to put it on the global markets anyway. I' m still a no-name writer outside India. This does not mean that I am a big Indian phenomena and share with Vikram Seth thoughts about what we can do together not to give back our million dollars in pre-deposit.

However, in India, thanks to my small on-line portal, the right people still know about my consulting work. This will help to raise people' s consciousness about the work. It is the same on-line portal that is attracting foreigners. Instead of going on another frenzied goosehunt with major multinational companies, I was wondering if I should try a little bit of self-publishing.

In the best case, the volume will reach a worldwide public. Most of all I have an interesting blogs item that I would like to exchange with you here. - You can' t get wealth from paperbacks. - Print does not allow you to resize across boundaries, you have national and then international permissions.

What can you do to make sure that your print product causes a sensation in other markets? In a few moments I am puzzled whether I have written a textbook about business training, eroticism or heath. When neither the writer nor the assistant can find the work, why should an unpatient readership waste precious reading in it?

He' ll just take another related ledger and go. However, the point here is not to say that print products are not inappropriate. So I have released the album on Amazon under the glossy new Booksoarus name. Peoples in India do not like electronic media, many nonfiction same. Electronic reader like Kindle do not selling in India, said many more.

So, I said to myself, most of my readership is used to my work on-line anyway (via my MBA blog). No one needs a Kindle to be able to open e-books. Amazons offers free apps for browsing our e-books on PCs, notebooks, iPads, iPhones and all types of equipment. In spite of all these self-confirmations, I was still strained about the e-book and whether it would have customers.

Then, in a weeks time, I reviewed the Amazon stats to see how the story was released by an anonymous author, by an anonymous name. When you found this pole interesting, you' ll be able to see what was happening next in this follow-up post-book campaign scheme that got business doctors out of business in under a year.

What is your expertise if you have already been released?

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