How to get a Christian Book Published

Where can I get a Christian book published?

All of us know that there are many bad Christian books. Home for Christian writers! To publish my book, which way should I go? Basically, there are three ways to publish your book: It is always FREE to publish your books on Amazon.

Publish your Christian book

Do you need a publishers for your book? We are following the conventional publishers paradigm for this legal notice by not commissioning the author with the publication of your book. Our published works are sold through Ingram and Spring Arbor and can be ordered from, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other on-line and groutbookshops.

When you have a finished book and are interested in having it published with us, we strongly suggest that you study the following information. When you are qualified, please click on the link below for more information about us and how to get your entry. We kindly ask you to carefully study all information as we do not accept scripts that do not match our entry requirements.

SuitabilityIf you fulfil the original suitability requirements, we are interested in examining your book for possible publication: This book is not in the following genres: poesy; biography, memoir or autobiography; indexes; bible; horror. There are more than 32,000 words in the book suggested (unless it is a children's book).

Before submitting the book, it will be prepared by a professional editor. This book is an unreleased work and not a replica of a book that has already been published. When you have met the requirements, please read the following link for more information about us. Please see our author-subsidized masthead, .

Submit Manuscript Submission

What is the best way to send my work to Thomas Nelson or Zondervan for publication? At the moment we only accept unasked book suggestions for the following categories: Please click here to send your suggestion. Nelson or Zondervan will not accept any other unrequested entries, which may include novels, poems, children's books, devotions or illustration.

Click on this hyperlink for information on how to otherwise distribute your book. What do I have to do to get to the published writer? We have two ways to promote a book: either Thomas Nelson's or Zondervan's own publication or self-publishing with WestBow Press or Elm Hill.

Writers who believe that the conventional way to publish best suits their needs should consider the search for a frahling. Frahlingen act as a facilitator between an writer and a publishers. They are the representatives of the writers and their literature, bearing in view the best interest of the customer when they find the best way to publish.

Traditionally, it is the way for more mature writers or prospective writers with a one-of-a-kind embassy or plate. If you are looking to follow the classic way, the best way is to create a book suggestion and recruit a frahling who can help you fine-tune the book design and help you define your own model.

Click here for a general book sample. Click here for a listing of Christian frahlings. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are a frahling and would like to be included in this census. We will be happy to include your information. You' ll find The Christian Writer's Manual of Style by Zondervan, Robert Hudson, useful for writing and editing your work.

Self-editing is a powerful second choice, whether you have targets of business excellence or just a wish to make a book for your loved ones. For more information, please see WestBow Press and Elm Hill.

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