How to get a Children's Book Published in Australia

Where can I get a children's book out in Australia?

Select a publisher that publishes the type of book you have written. The Wombat Books: Aussie children's literature Since 2009, Wombat Mumbai has been sharein' history and making memory with family. We are an independant publishing company and like to find these singular tales that unite us all. We' re showing children's photo albums and early reading with pages full of legible and endearing character. Deal with Dad with Father's Day book for the Wombat family.

Tell great tales this September with the Father's Day package.

The Wombat Books: Aussie children's literature

The Wombat Books accept unasked for peer reviews to be taken into consideration for tradition. There is little room for publications. We' re looking for fun, inventive scripts that make a permanent impact. It' important to show an appreciation of the kind of manuscript we are interested in in in your covering note.

Please make sure you have reviewed our other Wombat publications before submitting to see the styles of the works we have published. Your registration will ask you for the wombat tracks you have been reading. From August 1st to 10th we will reopen our photo book entries. Have a look at the tales and character we are looking for in Wombat School.

Please register here using our on-line registration request from. The processing period for a manuscript can be up to 9 month. When you have your book's own special promotional idea, you can add some of your own projects to your entry. To make sure your book is one-of-a-kind, please research other books that are similar to your own on the open bookstore.

Wombat is only accepting digital entries. Entries will no longer be accepted by e-mail or post. In order to view some of our 2017 bestsellers, buy our "Bestseller Starter Pack" for new children's bookwrights. View this short documentary, in which editor Rochelle Manners gives us samples of illustrated volumes we have published to help contributors know what we are looking for in our articles.

For early readership, check out the following short clip in which publisher Rochelle Manners talks about what early readership is looking for in Wombat Books.

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