How to get a Book Written for you

Writing a book for you

You don't have time to write your book? The author in an hourly system will help you write your health and wellness book this year so you can build your practice and authority. However, you cannot finish (or begin) your book. That sound like you? A little like you?

Authors in One Hour I Get your notebook wrote

Write a bestselling volume that makes you an authority in your niche - in just 1h! I got a little textbook a few month ago at the organic food place where I go shopping. It had convincing information about the advantages of this device. That is the might of a cipher.

It' s timeconsuming, hard and costly to publish and publish a classic work. I will show an astonishingly easy way to overcome these barriers in a few moments, but let me first disclose some of the mysteries of the publishers' business that not many know. When you take the conventional path, you're not a great author..... or, you like to type, but you just don't have enough computer power for the hundred lessons it will take to do it.

Do you know that 60-80% of your annual and healthcare ledgers are typed by an employee or ghost writer? This is because most doctors are just too preoccupied with leading their practices to produce a workbook. Pro ghost writers are charging $40,000 - $80,000 to create a work for you - and the best cost $100,000 or more!

This is because it will take month to research and create a full-length volume in a 250-page tradition. It will take years of practice to create a sold work. A high-profile ghost writer is a winner because the editor knows that the product is typed in a professional manner and shipped on it.

That could be the itinerary for you..... if you have an additional $40,000. In order to publish your work with a large publisher, you need a giant multimedia plattform. You' ve got to show that you're a TV or web healthcare giant, spokesman or advisor who can auction billions of textbooks through your glittering PR work.

See, the publisher business is like any other business. you' re going to have to sit 12-18 month before your novel is out. There is a notorious slowness in the printing sector. When you start today in the tradition of the publisher, you can hold your books in your hand in about 2 years.

Okay, so if I want to get out a ledger, what's there? As you see how long, hard and costly it is to go the old-fashioned way of publication, here is a fascinating and enjoyable processu! There is no need to create the final masterwork on the topic.

We' ll begin with a 20-minute exploratory conversation to see if this book-making experience is right for you and to determine the subject of your work. I' ll cover 8-10 issues and I' ll mail them to you for your perusal. It should be very simple for you, because this is a subject that you know well and that is very close to your heart.

The result is a paperback of 5.5 x 8.5 inch with 60-90 pages. I' m making your work. As you run your shop or your office, I have compiled the following book: Become the writer of a work in less than a mont! And what if I were to tell you that you could get over 90% of your books from a ghostwriter's fee?

Begin by reading my free street card in a textbook. If so, please choose whether you are interested in my course "Write a health book" or whether you would like to take advantage of the "Author in one hour" post.

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