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Writing a book

Contribution written by Leo Babauta. When your book is the one thing in your life that is never finished (or started), what is the answer? It is the solution to treat it like a project that MATTERS! We will be happy to help you. Did you write a book, especially a memoir?

Three astonishing ways to get your text published at last

Contribution by Leo Babauta. It is the dreams of many peoples to compose a textbook, but it is also one of the most hesitant challenges in time. There are many good reason why they postpone reading a scripture like a will.

There were a million good reason not to work on the game - too much work, other folks needed my time, my eyes, my families in crisis, and those videogames didn't want to start playing themselves! Fortunately, I found a few things that have worked for me, and I have been writing a number of titles over the last five years: a few fiction, a nonfiction publication, a few electronic musicbooks.

That'?s how I wrote my ebooks: Then I limit the size of the volume to a small piece, give myself a small box to type it, and type it in a spread. First of all, limiting the size of the work - most folks try to do too much, but I realised that I would never get the work done that way.

So, I deliberately chose a small subject that I knew I could review in a little while. I then take some of my own free work on the work - three or four working day is usually enough for a brief text. I' m going to clear as much of my plates as possible and do other work ahead of schedule.

During these three and a half years I just want to concentrate on my work. I' m hiding there all the time, write in thrusts of about 15 to 20 mins, then take pauses of about 5 mins and repeat as long as I can bear. By the end of the three working nights I have a final design!

I' ll often leave it for a few workdays before I do a few edits and then hire an editorial staff to sand it down. Something magic happens every year.... Ten thousand authors pledge to write 50,000 words of a novel in November, and by the end of those 30 short and long 30 day period many of them have actually done the majority of a first design!

I am one of those happy authors - I have successfully mastered the challenges twice, one of them with 110,000 words. This is my recommendation to anyone who wants to compose a novel. It' an astonishing one - you're not just a part of something big, but you're unbelievably encouraged to type every single working days, something that isn't easy to achieve.

Unless you want to postpone until November, or if you don't want to make fictions, you can make your own challenges - announce that you will post 50,000 words in a single calendar week and that you will be updating your progression in public every single working days. I' ve done this before and it totally works! Fast typing really does help, and the only way to get quicker is to type a heap.

If possible, please contact us every single working day. So, if you are sitting down to type, you have to begin input.

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