How to get a Book Published in South Africa

Where can I get a book published in South Africa?

A small, even tiny market for locally published books. Sub-Saharan Africa: A selection of Internet sources about publishers. " We publish books for the general public in South Africa. This is how self-censorship began in Argentina.

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What do you need a publishing house for? Do you want me to do my own publishing? Do you want me to release a printed book or an e-book? Is it possible to have the e-book published by one publishing house and the printed book published by another? Shall I release an e-book instead of a printed book? Where can I find out which publishing house is the right one?

Is it possible to do my own publication with desktop publishers? How do I best contact a publishers? If you want to be published in the UK and USA only. Do I have to register a book somewhere? Is it possible to use the same ISBN for the printed book and the e-book?

Before I call the publishers, how long should I allow my script to be submit? Is there a deadline between submitting my script and publishing it? It' the editor, but it usually falls back on you when the book is out of stock. If I should be sharing my idea with a publishers - won't he be stealing it?

Which is a backlisting book? Which is a front list book? Do eBooks and printed books have the same emoluments? What is the frequency of emoluments? Which is a trading book? In what book should I use? With what kind of softwares should I write my book? How and when can I get the copyright to my book back from the publishing house?

How can I get information about a publisher? Who are the persons I am dealing with in a publisher?

Getting published in South Africa

What is the best way to contact a publishing house? What is the best way to select a publishing house? Pan Macmillan South Africa Managing Director Terry Morris recently spoke to Tamara LePine-Williams on Classic FM about the release in South Africa. She says she thinks that the public is beginning to appreciate South Africa more and more, but that editors will still be publishing less in this area.

The selling of literature in South Africa is very hard, it's very small and you have to deal with every other book in the whole wide web, the new Arundhati Roy, the new John Grisham," she says. According to Morris, it is simpler to release non-fiction in South Africa because the writers usually already have a public image or an existing publishing base, be it a reporter or a celebrity.

So what is the first stage of publication? The first thing to do is make sure you have a fairly sophisticated script; that you have worked through it," says Morris. As Morris says, new contributors often post the first draft of their manuscripts. However, most incumbent contributors go to the twenty draft before even submitting the script to their publishers.

Will I need to hire an editor before I go to a publishing house? but you should go over the script yourself with caution. Whom should I ask for my script's input? As Morris says, an informational group is a good starting point for your comments.

What kind of company should I contact? As Morris says, you should take a look at the types of book editors are dealing with before approaching them. It definitely does help to see who publishes what, because then you can contact the company with a certain list," she says. Is it possible to submit my script to several editors?

It' s perfectly reasonable from a publisher's point of view to have your script sent across the board," says Morris. Manuscripts are sent to several people and discussed internally. Since publishing houses have small workgroups, you can often expect four to six week response times. The best authors in the game will have 100s of denial letters," says Morris.

As Morris says, Pan Macmillan SA tries to give feedbacks on all the scripts, but it is hard because they get about 400 or 500 per year. What does my script accept - what now? Once your script has been approved, you have an interview. You should get your publishing house to give you feedbacks from a distribution and merchandising point of view and then send you an invitation to tender.

As soon as you have accepted the proposal, you and the publishing house enter the contractual stage in which you discuss the agreement. So how do you work on my book? Mr. Morris says it's a three-stage process: This is a structured approach that looks at the overall book and its weaknesses; it involves assigning an editorship to the book whose abilities correspond to those of the book; and it involves proof-reading, in which we iron out terminology and orthography.

The book then goes into the sentence. Prepress expenses are borne by the publisher: composition, editorial work, layout, title layout, publication store. Marris says an author can reckon about 12% on net revenue for a book, on average and about 25% of net revenue on an e-book as default.

What kind of publications abroad? According to Morris, publication on the British and US market - "the holy grail" - is not possible without a literature-agents.

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