How to get a Book Published in Ireland

Where can I get a book published in Ireland?

First thing to remember is that in Ireland there is only one publisher and many writers trying to be published. Some ((like the ones I worked for) only get a block grant to finance books. Obtain and read a copy of the magazine or book produced by this publisher. There is no need for an agent - but agent submissions are also welcome. Titles that have been published in-house so far.


Publishing your work is probably the greatest challange for a novice. First thing to keep in mind is that in Ireland there is only one publisher and many authors trying to be public. For example, a magazine can only release 2 to 3 percent of the materials it receives.

You know, a publishing house could do less. When your work is good enough, you have a chance to be public. Do your letter so well that the publishing house cannot refuse it. However, you can help yourself by attracting the interest of editors or editors before you send them a script - winning a contest will help, but the proven is to create a success story of publishing in poem or magazine.

As a rule, the most difficult to obtain periodicals and periodicals are the ones with the highest quality and thus the most effective. Below is a listing of submission criteria for submission of originals for publication: Discover what kind of books or genres each publishing house publishes, e.g. literature, non-fiction, poems, memoirs, science literature, historic literature, shorts.

Obtain and view a copy of the journal or publication that has been printed by this publishers. It' much simpler to compile a contribution if you have an impression of the editor's tastes, what the general standards of the materials are... Please review the entry instructions for each publishing house thoroughly.

As an example, some publisher will only want to see the first three chapter (but they will want you to have the volume ready at the moment you send this chapter), or six verses or a few tales. The majority of publishing houses have special font sizes and layouts. Generally, writers do not favour unusual fonts, manuscripts or illustration.

The majority of periodicals and periodicals cannot allow themselves to give back a manuscript that does not have an SAE/IRC. Allow your interviewer to respond. Like I said before, the journalists get a great deal of material: you can reasonably anticipate to listen in 6 month at the latest. In the case of mature periodicals, it is common practice to get a copy of the periodical in which your work is published (you should not normally have to cover this cost).

In some journals there are also payments for materials, but the amounts are usually small. It' not common to publish your work. Callaghane, Co Waterford, 4 Spencer Villas, Glenageary, Co Dublin, Ireland. For ISBNs in the Republic of Ireland / UK, please click here. in Cavan, Ireland. e-mail:

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