How to get a Book Published for free

Where can I get a book published for free?

Publishing your book for free is great, but see which publisher you earn the most money with. Here is a way to publish a book quickly and inexpensively and then make it available in various formats. Maintain control of your rights and set your own list prices. You can make changes to your books at any time. KDP is a free way to publish Kindle eBooks and paperbacks.

Publish your book for free

The Light Switch Press has taken a big leap forward in the development of the book publisher with its entirely free publication service. It is a real mix of old-fashioned book publisher and self-publisher, offering writers a risk-free way to professionalize their work. The Light Switch Press provides free authoring - no publication fees, free sharing, free artwork and book reformatting with higher licensing fees than any other.

As in the case of conventional publishers, the authors do not charge anything to have a book produced in a professional manner with Light Switch Press. Get top-of-the-range sales with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In contrast to conventional publishers, it is no longer necessary to bear the burden of month or years of refusal and to hold on to the hopes of being able to find a bookstore.

Instead, you create a book in a few days, retain title to the work and get a higher license fee than you would with conventional publishers. Others provide free publication, but not at the Light Switch layer. LluLu and CreateSpace are two major firms that provide "free publishing", but only if the writer delivers print-ready graphics.

When the writer chooses a specialist to produce his book jacket, formate his script or even hand out his book, LuLu and CreateSpace are charged by a free publishing house to an exorbitant self-publisher for every single thing the writer needs. Indeed, the same free of charge benefits you get with Light Switch Press would be $948 with CreateSpace and $999 with LuLu.

Not much and want to know how to get published for free? The Light Switch Press is the response. You begin by creating the envelope and the format of the book for e-book sales; once the book is sold, you produce and hand out the pocket book edition of the book; it's as easy as that.

The Light Switch Press provides some of the industries most affordable print-on-demand pricing. There are higher license fees from other self-publishers, but it's not that easy. Such as Xulon Press claiming its writers get 100% royalties from wholesalers, but considering the costs of creating a 150-page bookstore at $15.99, the writer gets only $0.40 per book.

Using Light Switch Press, and the same scenario, a writer gets 30% license fee, or $1.42 per book - more than an extra $1 for each book purchased at a fraction of the boastful license fee. Below is a comparative table written by an editor who sells his 150-page book for $15.99.

Light Switch Press's risk-free and free publication services can bring every book to live again - the ideal way to re-publish the second series. If you are looking for a book that was not previously available in e-book size, that deserves a better design or that has been re-written or upgraded with an exhilarating new ending, the next natural thing to do is contact Light Switch Press, the free publishers.

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