How to get a Book Edited

Where can I get a book edited?

Select the required book processing service. There is no need to order a book to take advantage of our book editing service. Now all you need is your finished manuscript. Delete or replace your crutch words. Delete all duplicate spaces at the end of the sentence.

Books processing service | Book editor

Cost-effective authoring made simple for self-published writers. This is the first truly affordably priced book edition for self-released writers. Each book must be edited, but it is almost not possible to edit oneself. And even best-selling writers wouldn't even think about trying. Recruiting an expert book journalist is often the best way to invest in your book and your work.

We have arranged preferential conditions with an international editorial team. They work with traditional publishers of all genres, many of whom are on the New York Times bestseller-lists. For the first reason, self-published writers now have the possibility to work directly with these top-class writers.

Select the required processing service: You are not sure what kind of editorial office you need? Worker-priced, world-class editorial! Have a look at how our rates compare to other editorial services: It' a 60,000 words nonfiction book. Select the required book processing servic. Access your professional edited script in 8-10 working day.

There is no need to order a book to take full benefit of our book team. Now all you need is your completed work. Please check our prices with any other book publisher. Writers typically charge between $1,500 and $3,000 for essential editorial work. Only the number of pages of your book will be charged.

With us you get the best book for your money. Self-editing is about getting your book to the market more quickly. We have your edited script available in 5 to 7 workingdays. Certain utilities such as Edition911 may take up to four week to get your edited book back. It is more than a mere correction agency.

Her book is published by highly skilled, highly qualified writers working with best-selling writers of all genres. We will send you a fully edited script with all of the publisher's comments and proposals. We have put together an All-Star editorial staff of skilled book writers around the world to relieve you of the hassle of working on your book yourself.

Most of them have worked with today's best-selling writers of all styles, from religion and spiritual, sci-fi and fantasy to romanticism and much more. They give your book a thorough treatment and often give useful remarks and ideas. Dr. Tony Lewis, the writer and doctor of theology, can confirm from his own experiences that the book editorial office is "a trial that cannot be hasty.

Writers have to take their sweet times and do it right. "There was something that told me I should have been paying to have it edited. What is the editorial procedure? Just drop these steps: 1 ) Set up your script to this: - The script files will be saved: What should I do to set up my script to work? We only accept a handwritten script for processing.

Bookcover-data are neither needed nor approved. Script specifications: We are able to calculate the cheapest tariffs because we have a one-of-a-kind and optimized networking contract. With our high efficiency approach, your script can be combined with a top publisher from your field. We have clearly identified our services and our editorial staff is well-trained.

Our programme now allows independent writers to have the same editorial content as traditional-publishers. As soon as our writers have your script in their hands, they work for hour after hour on your book and provide proofreading, correction and comment. Once you have completed your script and provided it with some general remarks and commentaries, the author goes on to the next work.

We do not pay our editorial staff for any further advice. Only the pages that do not need to be edited are empty.

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