How to Format a Book in word

Formatting a book in words

In order to define margins in Word, go to Format>Document. Margins are the distances around the edge of the page. Do you format your book in MS Word or other word processing programs? When you send the Word file to us, it will flow again and cause all sorts of formatting problems. To get all the help and instructions you need, read Colin Dunbar's book on the subject.

To format your Word documents for letterpress (on Mac or PC)

It is unlikely that you are a foreigner to Microsoft Word if you are a novelist. However, when it comes to self-publishing, you may not know how to format your Word documents for bookpress. We' ll guide you through the formatting of your Word documents to print a book that has a final format of 5.8" x 8.3" on a Mac or a final format of 5.5" x 8.5" on a personal computer.

Editor's note: This guide uses the latest versions of Microsoft Word for Mac or Windows PCs. By the time you typeed your original script, you probably opened an empty Word file and proceeded at full speed. Regardless of whether this is the case or whether you have not yet begun, you need to open a new Word file into which you can copy and past your text to get the best formats.

You can specify a user-defined variable for a personal computer. 5.5 x 8.5 is a popular option for book production that is simple to use. Then click on the "Margins" register card, click on "Custom Margins" at the bottom of the option and modify the top, bottom, lefthand and right margin to 0.75".

When you want bigger or smaller edges on the right and right side, that's fine. It is recommended that you never make the right or right margin smaller than half an in. You can increase or decrease the size of the top and bottom margin, according to what you have in your header and footer.

When you have the book name in the heading, your marginsize determines how much room you have for the name. The border sizing that you apply to the top and bottom of your documents define the amount of room you need for current titles or page numbers.

To format your header and footer lines on a Microsoft page before you print for Mac and PC: 2. type the book name or text you want to display at the top of your pages. There''s no precise way to change your header and footer, it's your decision to make it the way you think it's right for your book.

You are now able to either insert text from an already existent Word doc or you can start entering your work. Do you have a problem or question about formating or downloading, please let us know. Once your book is printed, you can uplink your book and get a free offer depending on the book sizes, the number of prints you want to make and the printing and tying possibilities.

Adam Ellis, President & CEO, has been in the book business since 2002, when he first came into contact with the beautiful self publishing age.

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