How to find Writing Jobs

Find Writing Jobs

Getting a writing job. A lot of people love to write, but if you want to make a career out of it, you may not know where to start or what to do. Ultimate, regularly updated list of the best places to find well-paid blog and writing jobs! Essentially, websites that you pay to write!

As I got $15,000 worth of freelance writing jobs -- in 7-day apartment.

Recently one of my freelancers said to me that they would reduce my work load - which would mean less money for me. So, I thought I'd go proactively and pitch the pitch for a whole weekend to find new writing jobs. I had previously received all my customers from employment exchanges or recommendations.

However, doing something is still better than doing nothing, and even if you don't train, your customers can bring you more. Failing that, you will find a course that provides practical input from editorial and marketers. I' ve chosen to contact two kinds of clients: businesses and professional journals in my area, healthcare copying. Another way is to find businesses that are posting on LinkedIn's remunerated jobs exchange by going to the "Jobs" section on LinkedIn.

When an organization is willing to volunteer for a LinkedIn position, it is probably serious about recruiting the best people. If you look at the employment specification, you will see that most businesses have a corporate site that shows how many people they have. Please click on the name of the firm from above to see the page.

When they have 500 or more staff, you can be sure they have a good advertising budgets that would allow them to recruit freelancers at a fair price. However, a business with 1-10 staff members may not. If you have found a suitable candidate, the next stage is to find the right person to work with.

When you look under the flag on the right side of the site (as you see above), you will find the lists of people who have linked-in status. Clic on " See all " and find the Head of Sales, the CFO or even theEO. You can also look for "Marketing Manager[company name] at LinksedIn or even at Google.

" You can often get a feel for their roles from their employment description by looking at people's profile and whether they are likely to employ free-lance authors. In order to find a journal, please go to When you look for the imprint on the first pages of the publications or visit the website, you will usually find the publisher's e-mail addresses so that you can directly get in touch with him.

Please note: I personalise them for each and every person in the group. I' m sending this as LinkedIn InMail, but it also works as a normal e-mail-messages. I' m sending a personalised copy to the journalists: In seven jourses of pitching I made 15 leads - two jobs, a professional journal (direct e-mail to the editor) and 12 brief LOI's via LinkedIn InMail.

A suggestion sent to a large personnel and health care company in New York earned me a $1,400 per months agreement for six consecutive upside. He asked, however, if he could volunteer for further copy-writing assignments. And the third suggestion, for a mid-sized health care website, brought me another six-month $1,200/month upside.

" I' m on the grid of one of the fastestgrowing American health care organizations in the field of on-line strategies and technologies. So he' s going to get in contact with me - and I just have been saving him a lot of money when he needs an author!

A few firms may be brewing on this material a few days and might have other folks to advise while others come back immediately. From my first few weeks with this type of advertising, what I have learnt is that those who are serious about their businesses are always looking for great guys to employ, either now or in the futurolog.

The most important thing in establishing your basis of freelancer writers is to build a relationship. She is a free-lance author and songwriter who develops persuasive B2B and B2C contents and contentmarketing strategy for global hospital businesses.

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