How to find the Publisher on a website

To find the publisher on a website

When you cannot find the date, follow these steps:. The authors are formatted in the same way in all material formats. First list the first author with the last name. Are you unsure how to find the publisher's information?

Q. How can I find quotation information on a website?

In order to find information such as name, creator or date on a website, you sometimes have to dig around the website. You will find most of the information in the website headers or footers. A website heading contains the name of the website and any link or sub-organisation name.

When the information you are looking for is not on the page you are viewing, go to the top of the site. If the website does not contain information such as the name of the writer, for example, go to to find the information. Usually the date of publishing and the name of the writer are given to the article or blog posted on a website.

On this website the creator of the blogs was found in the center of the page. At the bottom of this page is the sponsorship information for a quote from a blood. You can also find useful information such as your name, telephone number and adress.

investigation - How to quote a website where the author/publisher is not immediately visible?

Citing a website by MLA: Last name, first name. "Cover of the article." Website-titles. Editor of the website, Day Month Year articles has been pub. Tag Month Month Year Articles was viewed. There is a hyperlink on the homepage of each page to send an e-mail to the web master. If you want to quote the writer in a formal way, it is best to contact him by e-mail and ask him for his correct quotations.

But if you can't find the publisher/author, I think it's okay to just publish the name. It is the concept of a quote to indicate the originator. You have few possibilities if this writer does not digitally or physically endorse his work. You just give as much recognition as you can.

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