How to find the Publisher

This is how you find the publisher

Information about the publisher - Here you will find the name, contact number, address, etc. of the publisher. Website hosting provider. Publication place is the "name of the city in which the publisher is located". You can find the location on the title page or on the back of the title page.

Publisher of a website

For a good example of why you would like to review information for publication, please visit this website: We' ve heard from many of our instructors that their pupils pointed out to them during Martin Luther King Jr.'s investigation that the site contains racial and unreasonable contents. While we do not tolerate such pages, the truth is that when a college graduate searches Google for Martin Luther King, the site usually comes out in the top five and claims to be a "valuable asset for pupils and teachers".

Because research shows that pupils are most likely to select the results on or near the top of a results page, many pupils are likely to click on this page. Although this site is clogged by many shoulder screens, educators may be interested in what kind of information their pupils access when they research in non-filtered settings.

A further explanation why a student clicks on this page is the name Martin Luther King directly in the web adress. The publisher seems to have thought a lot about how to present this site and make it attractive for young people.

However, who posted this page and how do we find out? To find out who owned the site or posted the materials on a website, go to Enter in the Whois Lookup field. Enter the number and click Next.

When you enter this web adress in a web browser, you will see the White Supremist Groupmainpage. Looking at the owner's homepage would tell everyone that this is a page we don't want our pupils to read and research information. When you want to train this ability, select a sample page suitable for your group.

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