How to find someone to Write a Book for you

To find someone to write a book for you

You decide what you want to achieve with your book and who should read it. Someone with ghost writing experience and some knowledge of your subject. Specify exactly what the ghostwriter should do and how you want to work together. There are plenty of ghostwriters and they are relatively easy to find: This provides ghostwriting services, including ghostwriting, editing and book.

Do you have a book inside you? How to find the perfect ghostwriter

And you know it's your turn to write that book you've been thinkin' about. However, even for an expert author, it can be a discouraging endeavor to write a book. It' a tremendous amount of effort that doesn't match your busy timetable. That is why the brightest and most prolific businessmen, prominent figures and policy makers almost always use a web ghost to supplement their work.

These are James' hints for choosing the right spirit for your book: Determine what you want to achieve with your book and who should be reading it. "Maybe you want to make a book to sharpen your image, become an authority or gain more customers," says James. It is important to determine what your main book preferences are, what subjects it will address, and - most important - who your audience will be.

As a matter of fact, she says, it will help you and your ghost writer a great deal if you can find one or two samples of the type of book you want, similar in texture and styles, if not necessarily on the same subject. "2 "2. find someone with ghost-writing expertise and some understanding of your subject.

At least your ghost writer should be acquainted with your general subject area, if not your particular subject, James recommends. "When you are a trainer, you want someone to write about selling or at least the shop. When you are a realtor and want to write a book about how to get more cash for your home, you want someone who has been writing about property.

" Simultaneously, she says, you want someone who has written at least two or three volumes - not just your own. "She says you don't want a ghost writer who learns his trade with your book. "but not someone else's.

Also find out if your ghost writer has enough bandwith to take over your projects and finish them according to your timetable. "They want someone who's skilled and in great demand, but don't employ someone who already spins too many plates," says James. "Sometimes a ghost works on more than one book at a while.

"3 "3. You specify exactly what the hostwriter should do and how you want to work together. "Let's say you've already written a script and you want the mind to take it and run with it, almost more like an editor," says James. "and the spirit will be interviewing you.

Understanding how the mind wants to work and how that matches the way you want to work. "You should also determine in advance how you want to work together, she added. Do you need someone on site, for example, because it is important for you to get together regularly?

"When you want to speak to the ghost writer at least once a month, or get the changes back within 24hrs, put it all in the deal so it's not just an oral one. "In particular, she says that if you really need the book by a certain date, make sure you include it in the deal and that the ghost writer will understand the meaning of the time.

"Authors miss appointments," she says. "You' re looking for someone who, when you speak to them on the telephone, feels that there's a'click' or a connection," says James. Her ghost writer will have to write in your vote, she says, and you and your ghost writer will be in each other's life for a while.

So, if you work with someone who is very good at what they do but doesn't have that kind of relationship, it will be much less fun. Ghostly writing is a considerable capital outlay. For the ghost writer, James calculates that your fees can range from $5,000 (at the bottom) to five positions in the middle.

However, if your aim is to publish the book to a conventional publishing house, you will not have these costs, but you will have to spend month or years waiting for a final book and your ghost writer charge will be significantly higher. She also says: "One cannot exaggerate the value that a book with a name can have for one's own professional life.

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