How to find Publisher on a website

To find the publisher on a website

In Bing Ads there is an option called "Publisher Website", which you can select. Where can I see the publisher site location for advertisements to Google Search affiliates? Hello, in Bing Ads, when you place your ad on Bing affiliate pages, you can see the name of the affiliate page in the message. In Bing Ads there is an optional "Publisher Website" which you can use. You can see on which affiliate site your ad was placed, how many images, conversions, etc.

come from that affiliate site.

I' m using Google Quest Affiliates in a quest. Unfortunately, I can't see which Google affiliate site has placed my ad. It seems there is no Bing equivalence to "Publisher Website", where I can see the affiliate website name ("URL") where my ad was placed.

Can I see the Google affiliate website name ("URL") where my ad was placed?

Instructions for citation

Parental quotation is intended to give the scholar an accurate bibliographical record so that the first bibliographical record (usually the author's last name, sometimes the name if no writer is listed) is what is contained in the parental quotation. In addition, the precise point (page number) is shown.

Counterfeiting is the use of someone else's words, thoughts or thoughts without giving a loan. Plagiarisms can take many shapes, and they can be deliberate or random. "In addition to the use of words without quotes and ascription, counterfeiting involves the use of someone's thoughts or thoughts and their representation as one's own.

If, for example, you modify the text of a paragraph but do not specify the origin, you plagiarize as if you were using the orginals. It is a kind of mystery: the student has to use the research and the writings of others, but this use is limit.

Most research missions encourage - or even encourage - student use of others' research, but appropriate recognition must be given.

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