How to find an Illustrator for a Children's Book

To find an illustrator for a children's book

The Society of Children's Book Illustrators at is a good starting point for your search for an illustrator. A children's book's success depends heavily on the quality of its illustrations.

To find an illustrator for your book

I get one of the most frequently asked question is how to find a freelancer for all types of work. The illustrator is such a sought-after group and today Lisa M. Griffin, illustrator & stylist, gives us some advice. You' ve chosen to have your finished script published by yourself and have chosen a firm to do it.

Namely, who can do it, where can I find it and how much should I do it? Some few self-publishers have a wide range of illustrations to select from, and this is a good startingpoint. I' d suggest doing more research, as there are many gifted graphic designers working today, and you might find another one that matches the styles you have in mind for your book.

The Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators is a great place to get started (and join in). It is a member-based resource organisation that contains a wide range of information about publications such as trade advice, listings, artist portfolios and contacts. A further resource is, which is primarily a portfolios listing site.

It' a visually rich field of creativity arranged by media, styles and themes. The majority of professionals have both a blogs and a website that gives you a more personal view of the artist behind the work. Ok, you have researched and found some illustrations that you are enthusiastic about and that you would like to get in touch with.... what now?

Do you need many pictures? Will it be an entire page or a singular page of artwork for a book of pictures? Is it a book for young adults, perhaps an illustrated book per section? How big is the book like? Do you need commercial artwork? Don't count on a pro illustrator to make your book for free, for his own book or for a distribution of your license fees in the near term.

When you ask an expert, seasoned illustrator, be respectful and willing to compensate him for his work, dedication, talents and expertise. In order to give you an overview of the latest prices for children's photo book (based on a 32 pg book), the estimated price ranges from $3,000 - $12,000, plus royalty.

In order to explain it differently, if you appreciate that an illustrator creates 20 genuine artwork for your book and you pay them $3,000 for artwork, that's $150 per artwork. Now, look at how much work goes into each artwork, beginning with thumbnails, edits, pencil contours and the definitive colour.

If you find the right illustrator and both are satisfied with the creativity, it's important to keep one more thing in mind. Yes, speak about your script and give them an impression of the scene you want to illustrate, but leave room for creativity. So, you should rely on the illustrator you have engaged to bring your stories to live and give them some creativity.

However, if you believe in your own history and the pleasure of having a good book, then you must realize that good illustration is an important part of the book's content and market value. The upper picture is one of Lisa's artwork.

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