How to find a Writer for your Book

To find an author for your book

Your names can be found in the imprint or on the website. Type or click to learn more about working with a book ghostwriter. Writers come to us with a variety of projects, such as: to find a ghostwriter who writes a science fiction novel or a fantasy novel to find a professional ghostwriter who writes a reputation or branding book. You have written your autobiography, but believe that your letter may not be published. Am I interested in this story and will others feel the same?

Great Britain Ghostwriter

I am Tom Henry, and I am a UK-based self-employed ghost author working mainly in the non-fiction sector. I am a journalist: more than 20 years working in papers, journals, book publishers and electronic publications have shown me that the power of a novel is everything and that it is a writer's greatest capital to pay close attention.

I now work with Melanie Greenwood, an outstanding author and journalist with many years of journalistic expertise in the region, nationally and internationally. She has an MA in Arts at Bath Spa University and is very likeable, kind and simple to use. Might as well hire a ghostwriter. You wrote your biography, but you think that your letter may not be published.

You' ve got an notion for a non-fiction but don't know where to begin. You are a bustling man, but you don't have enough to tell the whole business of yourself-- That' s why employing a pro ghost writer like me is the perfect choice. How's a ghost writer? Am I interested in this tale and will others share it?

This website will tell you if you want to employ a ghostwriter: You tell me your history! When you think you have a mystery in you," tell me about it. Together with all well-known, nationwide known publisher and agent I do not calculate any charges for the read of sketches from Shorts. I' m open-minded, open-minded and open to fresh thinking, because it's the good things that are the life elixir of the publisher's work.

3rd Best Ebook Writers For Rent In June 2018

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