How to find a Writer for a Book

To find an author for a book

When my CEO and thought leader clients wanted to find a ghostwriter to write their book. Also ghostwriters are hired to write books for people. We all know that they are completely undesirable when it comes to writing a good novel. Editors review and process written documents, articles and books. If they try to write "the book," they become frustrated and confused:

Finding a good paged out e-book author

Following my triumph in locating a few Filipino devs, I thought I would try to find them directly. So I was looking for someone who could create a full e-book, not just another columnist. I' m guessing it's pretty simple to type 300-700 words on a particular topic, but typing 100 pages is a completely different game.

I' m usually a very trustful one so I had no trouble prepaying her $100 (and another $100 on pickup I think it was). After learning almost nothing, I followed the same policy of employing the second author. I didn't prepay anything this year, but was still moved around for a few month.

Then I thought it was best to switch strategies. Usually I use most of all Eloance, but this one I used oDesk. Don't count on the author for your research. She seemed to have a really good English and she had actually authored and released her own work.

So I sent her all the research and she began the trial. In this case, things did not (again) go as scheduled. It took a long while to write. When I was working, I had said that I wanted a lead times of one months. So... should I do this again (and I'll probably do it), I'll make a portion of the prize a completion timely reward (or be a little more aggressive with the vendor).

I didn't quit because she sent me a section from year to year and the qualitiy was very high! I would have had no problem to pay $100 more and get the whole thing in a whole week instead of five. So, next I will try the reward incentives scheme (I'll let you know when I do it:)).

I can also insist on getting a section every year the author finishes it. Doing so will make it simpler to succeed the whole procedure and also provide inputs to the e-book early in the proces.

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