How to find a Publisher for my first Book

What is the best way to find a publisher for my first book?

When your idea is not good enough to get an agent, it is not good enough to be bought by a publisher. Perhaps you have an interested publisher if your book is similar to the work you already publish. I'll publish my first novel in a month, if all goes well. I' m wrong. How can I be wrong?

There are so many pitfalls to consider as a newbie.

or find a publisher to do my work.... that's the issue!

It' simple to write and publish a book! There are so many traps to consider as a newbie. It was my first move to Googling publishers. And then the Facebook universe started to produce all kinds of ads related to the search for a publisher, as if by sorcery.... how did they know?

So I contacted some of the firms that appeared in my Google sweep and I was quite blandished when one of them came back to me and showed a genuine interest in my work, so much so that they wanted to give me a deal. fine print at a glance You should always read the fine print.

Somebody wanted to release my work. And I just shared this information by chance with another child writer I had spoken to. This was a good task, which I checked the small printed version of the first one. It was a "participation agreement". "As an unedited writer, the firm understoodably did not want to take any chances, and although they liked the pattern I had sent them, they made me an estimate in which I had to cover part of the cost of printing the book; just under a few thousand pound.

Included in this are taking over the editorial processes, payment of internal illustrations, sales and advertising expenses, etc. But she insisted that they had "internal" graphic designers with whom they worked. That was a big disadvantage for me; I would not only loose my artistic power over what the book was like, I would also give up all my copyrights to the film.

At this point I saw a film about Charlotte Brontë and realized that this classical writer had actually released some of her work herself. That gave me the impulse to look at this itinerary again. I' had a great deal of help from the accomplished writer (and one of the parents of a kid in my school), Gemma Denham.

It was a trial that gave me some advice and tricks on how to get my book out. Though it is an US based business (and as such all of my book is published on-demand in the US), my book could be sold on Amazon and converted into an e-book, making it available worldwide.

Above all, I was able to work with the illuminator I wanted to work with and keep my creativity intact. So after reading so far, you may think that I am a comprehensive supporter of self-publishing and would not consider going the path of using a publisher. When I started to become the writer I wanted to be on my one-year trip, it wasn't that easy.

Yes, in this case it helps me keep my creativity in check and who I wanted to work with for my first book. But as I was supposed to find out, this trail also has its limits. My next post will tell you more about these restrictions, how I learned more about the release and sales processes and how some great pros have been helping me with some tips and advices.

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