How to find a Literary Agent for Fiction

This is how to find a fiction frahling

Mysterious way to a frahling You need an agent to publish a novel today. At that time there were few operatives, and the writers were told to overlook them. Today, only a few major publishing houses still directly accepts an MS from an editor. Feds are guarding the door. Indeed, a whole new branch is about to be created - the agent's agent.

First you need to wow a literary scouts who knows an agent who could refer you to his mate. But, unless you have the selling abilities of John Locke or the bipolar power of J A Konrath - writers who have each been selling more than a million e-books on their own - you'll be happy to move more than a few hundred specimens.

So, what do you think of an agent? Studying the writers of your own kind that you adore. Find your agent. Agent often works. You will find the conditions for submitting your application on the agent's website. Many of the operatives do not admit new writers and many have bizarre demands. Please pay attention to the agent who accepts e-mail deposits.

You can also mail them your covering note, a short summary (max. 1500 words) and the first chapters (max. 6000 words). Are all six operatives at once? Repeated entries are the rule today, although they are hated by an agent. However, it can be said that it is only themselves that can be blamed for their reluctance in the past.

Before you approach Agent #2, who can buy six month waiting for a denial order from Agent #1? You will still be left blank unless the first section of your covering note is perfectly correct. Here is a mystery that few new writers knew. Go to a literary meeting, anything.

Locate another agent and another agent and try again. Now you can truly author to a selected selection of agent lists in this direction: "Agent [Ann Brown] herself proposed that I contact you because...." The system reads your covering note. No, the agent will tell you that 99% of the new writers will spamming them with "Dear Sir or Madame" registrations.

They did not bother to select an agent or ponder ingly explain their choices.

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