How to find a Children's Book

This is how you find a children's book

Thirty-four, Flat Stanley's looking for a book! He' ll never find a nice specimen! It' a very rare book. Childrens books shop by age, series, author, subject and format. I need you to help me find this book that's driving me crazy.


The Scout provides strategy and resource to find half-remembered children's literature; stuff you've read but can't even think of the name. You can use many items (except authors or titles) to find an index, book reviews, encyclopedias or bibliographies about the book. So the first thing you have to do is clear up everything you know about the book.

Besides the name, there are many other "features" of your half-remembered book that you can use to describe it. It covers the use of one or more of the items below to find a book in both printed and on-line sources, concluding with information on two sub-topics:

"and "inding out of print books". The three darling kids are flying out of their windows with the help of Peter Pan and an elf called Tinkerbell to Neverland, where they experience adventure with missing youngsters, swashbucklers, Indians and sea virgins. Serie - Was the book part of a serial? Example - The chrononicles of pyrdain by Lloyd Alexander is a serial of five books.

You know a book similar to the one you're looking for? Example - The Mouse and His Childs by Russell Hoban is similar to The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. Discussions are taking place about what comes under the heading "children's literature".

" Original adult novels are often regarded as children's classic novels, such as Robinson Crusoe. On the other hand, there are novels that have been created for kids that are popular with grown-ups, such as the Harry Potter family. Illustration is an important part of history and occupies most or all pages; usually about 32 pages long; directed at an audiences of younger people.

Mid-range fiction - children's stories that depend solely on the text to tell the tale. Juveniles literature: Children's fiction - stories, storylines, etc. Characteristics in children's fiction. Review or review: Computer Library Center, Inc. Although these are not specifically intended for searching for half-remembered titles, they are useful because they provide access to the materials in addition to a list of authors or titles.

Included in this is only a small part of the many children's literary references. A ISBN is a unique number on the front page of each book that can be used to browse catalogues or on-line bookshops. A new ISBN-13, a new type of ISBN, will be added to recently released ISBNs.

The Oxford Children's Encyclopedia. Includes over 3,000 articles on writers, illustrations, genres and themes of children's books; internationally recognized. You can access the alphabetic list of registrations via the Library of Congress. Perform a simple quest for the heading "Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature. Books. Oxford Companion to Children's Literary.

It contains articles on writers, illustrations, titles, gender, character and more. Items are significantly briefer than in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literary. Kids and bibliography. Contains children's fiction up to the mid-1990s; contains a factual index; the section "References for adults and selection aids" closes each section with an exhaustive bibliographical information bibliography and a selection of book abstracts within the respective section, theme or gender.

Index of quotations for children's music. Cover classically or populare reading; does not contain arcane title or reference; contains index. Introduces gives in-depth information about the organisation of the resources and declares, quote: "Here you will find out where "Always winters and never Christmas" and "Christmas will not come Christmas without gifts".

This will help to find fictitious cities such as Who-ville and Chewandswallow and those with figures like the Lots Boys and the Assistant Pig-Keeper" (p.vii). Topic Access to children's photo albums . Includes a " Bibliographical Guide " with full bibliographical information and an comprehensive " Technical Guide ", which divides over 22,000 illustrated volumes into over 1,000 different thematic areas.

You will find cross-references only in the full listing of keywords in front of the specialist information guide. Below are two works of references for serials. The Popular Series Fiction for K-6 Readers contains over 1,000 favorite children's bookstores. Fiction for Middle School and Teen Readers is a slightly smaller edition, but offers a greater diversity of styles, as well as graphical fiction.

Each work contains a genre/topic index, a stock index and an authors index. Every listing contains bibliographical information, a listing of the most important character and a short abstract of the serial. Favourite serial literature for high schools and teens: A further searching method is the bookprechung. Many magazines and magazines have published book critiques of children's literature.

Feature: yearly " Intelligent Guitar "; yearly Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for the category "Picture Book", "Fiction and Poetry" and "Non-Fiction". On-line access: You can find the free article links below: http://www.hbook. com/about-us/virtual-history/#_ Collection of old article and other information; contains copy of remarkable author and illustrator letter. http://archive.hbook. com/magazine/articles/ Listing of all article available for free on the Horn Book website. http://www.publishersweekly. com/pw/by-topic/childrens/ Features:

It has a department for children's book review, the latest headlines and the latest developments in the children's world. On-line access: Article on-line since 1997; on-line book review since 1987. http://www.schoollibraryjournal. com/Features: mainly for schools libraries or professionals. Posts children's book review books and other papers on a wide range of topics.

On-line entrance: Each of the ressources in this section are on-line subscriptions bases. Your libary has a nove list or comprehensive children's literature database subscriptions, and may be accessible only to those with current libary IDs or only for use within thelibary. "offers readership of topic headlines, book review, notes and much more for over 135,000 literature books.

"The section "Search in our database" contains "Describe a plot", which allows you to find a plotter; the section "For readers" contains "Author Read-alikes", which allows you to find authors whose work is in some way similar to a certain writer. When you know a book similar to your half-memory book, perform a book cover scan for the similar book and choose topic headers to browse similar topics. http://www.childrenslit. com/Children's Literature Comprehensive Database includes "over 280,000" book review; provides a free seven-day try.

The following two sites are dependent on the individuals who have identified the book. These are Loganberry books: Loganberry in Ohio has a special feature named "Stump the Bookseller", which tries to bring back together those with half-remembered children's literature; it' s $2 to put a stammer enquiry on their website, but the price can be subtracted from a prospective Loganberry bookstore.

The " Book Stumper " archive can be searched free of charge. "Stumpers' and the quest for lost memories: Webservice assists readers to restore their favorite works from childhood. "Each of the sites below has its own account to review and/or abstract. Several of these sites allow you to choose key words from a dropdown menu or dropdown boxes that could be useful key words for future queries. http://www.lib.muohio. edu/pictbks/search/Contains: over 5,000 textbook abstractions.

Every abstracts contains bibliographical information, a brief synopsis, a keyword index and a book entry in the Miami University Library catalogue, which can be useful for finding phone numbers and/or key words. Paths to search: They can also conduct a search using the Boolean method. http://www.allreaders. com/Contains: film and book review, incl. medieval and juvenile fiction. aspContains:

Extensive listing of award-winning and excellent textbooks for over 70 children's book prizes. Paths to search: Please fill in one or more keywords: Organise the results by cover, writer, illustrator or year of release. org/alsc/awardsgrants/bookmedia lists of honours from the Alice Society, includes Newbery and Caldecott; see past prizewinners/honor publications by click on each prize. http://www.booklistonline. com/ Site has restricted contents for non-subscribers, but provides a free evaluation version. The website http://www.childlitassn. org/ strives to "promote serious science and research in children's literature" and is in charge of several scholarships, research and book prizes, among them the Phoenix Prize for a 20-year-old children's book, which "received no significant distinction at the date of publication".

" Published both the quarterly and annual children's literature associations, which contain scientific papers. http://www.cbcbooks. org The "non-profit professional organisation of editors and packers of textbooks and related material for young people. Includes a list of authors' and illustrators' web sites, reader guides, news/events, information about the children's publisher and more.

Sponsored es "Semaine du livre pour enfants" en novembre et "Semaine de la poésie pour la jeunesse" en avril. http://www.bookweekonline. Com / Left umfassen verschiedene Organisationen, "Children's literatur and illustration collections und resources", "North American Publishing industrie links", "foires et fêtes du livre", "Industry publishes and festivals" et "Industry public review resources". "Here are some ressources to support an out-of-print bookstore.

If you know the book and the name of the writer, it can be hard to find a book that is no longer in printing. Alternatively, you can ask your library staff about the interlibrary lending service. http://used.addall. com/ Browse the offers of many bookshops all at once. Authors, titles, keywords and ISBN numbers are used.

Sort the results by stock, retail store or retailist.

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