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It is a really good contribution to avoid some mistakes. Now Amazon sells more eBooks than printed books. No. 28 free How-To eBooks for Self Publishers Maybe you just need guidance, inspirations or help with your text? We' ve compiled a shortlist of 28 completely free eBooks that you can currently get ready to use!

A prizewinning author, educated reporter and skilled instructor, Gurmeet Mattu offers you a 15-module course in imaginative composition for those who want to acquire the basics of literature composition.

Modules contain instructions on how to create a character, create credible dialogues, change the pace and find your part. This is an essential tool for beginners. Scrivener' s guideLearn the ultimative Scrivener: the perfect way to write: Scrivener assisted Nicole Dionisio in authoring two books in one year.

Scrivener is a useful tool for authors of all kinds, including you, who want to use Scrivener to improve their work. Be it to become more prolific or to let your creative flow and return your passions to your work, the hints in this e-book will help every type.

Featuring a dozen useful tips and prompts to make your novel bright! This is a rather ingenious way to create a fast 3-D sleeve if you don't have any actual capabilities in it. Smashwords Style Guide has assisted tens of thousand of authors in producing and publishing high end ebooks.

A free guidebook that provides easy step-by-step tutorials for creating, formatting and publishing an online publication. It is a must read for any writer who wants to share his Smashwords books with big eBooks merchants like Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Oyster & Kobo. Themes in this manual are the acceleration of Word, the avoidance of data corruptions, the optimization of Word for printing, the management of user-defined page size, the structure of your books with Word segments, the use of patterns, the use of styles, the use of printing vs. printing.

Typewriters, font selection, text format, syllabification, paragraph flattening, page end control, page capture, graphic preparation and placement, insert text fields, add margins and background, use leveling tools, create prints for scan, prepare PDFs, convert colour for printing, set trim lines, create a basic jacket and much more.

One fast and easy leader on how ebooks differ from their print cousins, how you can make your own and how you can almost exactly embrace the whole Smashwords and Amazonýmarket. Like To Self-Publish And Why You ShouldIt gives you handy, convenient tips and gives you the latest best practice in edit, artwork, formatting as well as price setting.

There will give you proved coaching plans that won't be eating into your writings and are really efficient at auctions. There are also advice on how to build platforms, blogs and community networks and what are the best ways to sell literature compared to non-fiction and what authors should really do. It shows the difference between traditionally published, self-published and published with Outskirts Press's full-service capabilities.

Self-publishers' step-by-step instructions for successfully administering the printing process include: getting your ISBN, barcode and copyrights; determining your loan and best prices; preparation of your script and envelope; submission of your data; checking proof sheets and production of your work; sending and receipt of your work and much more.

It will take all the secrets of self-publishing and help you to go in the right directions. It is organised in a straightforward, to the point, questions and answers formats. FREE, downloadable eBooks provide you with a quick step-by-step guide to how to make your paperback at Amazon.

There is also a bonus video that shows you how to enter your textbook for free at Amazon! Anyone can create an electronic or information item and share, resell or give it away on the Internet. So here are some of the odds of being an elebook writer: You' re your own manager, you choose what, when and where you want to type, and no publisher or journalist can set you a time limit.

Bestseller writers and professionals give advice on how to make it as a German language writer on today's eBook market place. Included in this volume are interviews with bestsellers and self-publishing professionals such as Rachael Abbott, Hugh Howey, Trevor Young, Jane Dixon Smith, Brian Cormack Barr, Steven Lewis and so many other self-publishing personalities.

I' m a digitally marketing professional working in the field of conventional publishers, and I' m also a author. I' m using it for my own entertainment and I' m sure this guidebook will discuss these two prospects. Amazon is not about getting your books to the bookstore. This shows how to easily buy a product on-line, with hints that have never been before.

It doesn't stop there - it gives you the opportunity to release your books, which can redouble your earnings per copy. Authors talk about how to create, publicize and advertise your books in the era of electronic publication. You will find all the information you need to update your WordPress page in a clear, easily understandable format.

This guide is continually up-dated to keep up with the latest WordPress release, so you can be sure you're learning about the latest functions of the world's most downloaded Bloggings and CMS. The quickest way to succeed is to start a new venture like a Bryan Cohen store, blogs, books or any other kind of work.

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