How to do Nice Writing

Getting Nice Writing

Here's how to create fake calligraphy. Their choice of pen is mostly based on personal preferences, but I think a high-quality pen makes a difference in the quality of the lettering. Stage three: Fill in the downward movements. "So I did this! My handwriting doesn't work anymore, but I tried.

Creating counterfeit graphics (tutorial + exercise sheets)

I' ve always liked nice graphics. Many years ago my former manager gave me a calligraphic ballpoint writer and inks from her journey to Italy. It was so exciting to try and I thought it would be really simple to convert my writing into a calligraphic image with just one stroke of the feather (this is the specialist expression for the metallic parts that go into the pencils - not to be mistaken for my "go-to treat", the Twizzler pen).

I' ve never learned how to use a genuine calligraphic stylus (although it's on my shortlist of abilities I'll need to have mastered one day) and I've just followed my proven counterfeit calligraphic techniques. Here's how to make counterfeit graphics. You choose the stylus mostly because of your own preferences, but I think a high-quality stylus makes a big impact in the way it labels.

They don't have to be extravagant; there are hundred of great stylus choices in your regional shop. It gives your note the calligraphic look, with some lines lighter and airier and the tee-offs slightly thinner. An unusual calligraphic stylus does this on its own - when you push on the spring, the teeth open and allow more fluid to pass through, resulting in a thick-line.

Using this counterfeit calligraphic technique, we try to get the same thick, thin line look, but without the extravagant tool. One of the great things about counterfeit printing is that you can do it on any typeface, and you can change the width of the downstairs as much or as little as you want. Writing the words Liebe in italics, I completed the down strokes:

Doesn't it look chic? Remodel your manuscript to look like Kalligraphy - it' s easy and comfortable with a few additional nibs. In order to help you, I have prepared a series of spreadsheets to practice and perfect your counterfeit calibrograph. Have fun with labelling!

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