How to do an Ebook

Making an Ebook

Prior to completing your topic, do some research on the existing market. When your answer is a resounding yes, well done, you can stop reading. You have to make a big decision before you distribute your ebook: how to evaluate the ebook. Maybe it's the way they are read, e.g.

when travelling, commuting or having a coffee break. The best day for a free promotion at Amazon.

Selling Novella' s brief ebook better than longer novels?

Prefers reader brief e-books to reading? I happened to look at the Amazon Kindle Store and click on an eBook that was in the top 20 best sellers. One of the things I did was scanning down the detail of the ebook and was amazed to notice that the ebook was listet as being only 105 pages in length.

Well, this does not make it simple to compute the number of words, because what does a page on Kindle define? Though I did a brief review of one of my own e-books, which is a brief story, and saw that Kindle calculates it to be 110 pages long. So now I can safely say that any ebook that' listing on Kindle with around 100 pages is less than 20,000 words.

So, we are speaking about very brief ebook read here. I got intrigued of course and watched a few more bestsellers Kindle ebook title. Throughout the top 20 e-books on Amazon Kindle, I found 4 brief e-books at around 100 pages, and they were assessed between $1.99 and $3.99.

Though I could have been digging a little bit more deeply and found it quite easy I assume, however, I was not interested in how many there were, but why these brief e-books were so good sellers. Much has been said about how eBook literacy differs from eBook literacy, and this Guardian report believes that the reader absorbs less on children than on papers.

Whilst I am sure this subject is open to discussion, perhaps it is not in the field of Psychology or Physics, as much as in where, when and how an ebook is used. Considering the situation where an eBook is useful, a different kind of reasoning may be possible. E-Book browsing is very comfortable when you travel by rail, coach or airplane, or when you relax on holiday at the seaside.

However, all these are susceptible to interruptions, unlike when you read a textbook in your bedroom or laze on a couch on a Sunday afternoons. When it comes to these instances, lighting, short readers would make good business and would give a good excuse why brief e-books are a favorite and a good seller.

Sure, location are explanation to publicize drawn-out, but it seems that location is definitely a new publication class, for ebook tract. So are you gonna release long or brief?

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