How to Develop a Story Plot

Developing a Story Plot

In a similar way, rising and falling actions vary to create surprises and additional tension in the story. This is where magic begins to create action from action. It may be useful to throw away the word action entirely, which is a little heretical, but really what we are talking about here is "what is going on in history". You have to learn to merge action and character to create a story that feels seamless. Find out more about the elements of Basic Plot for beginners.

Cause it can result in too much waste work.

So on, to the end of the story. Finding out how the plot evolves is something you need to do in your mind as you type. You won't be able to start the second section until you know what happens in the first.

What's incorrect with chronological development of your plot, section by section? To construct a storyline for a novel is a little like an arguement-- Completion of this point or the core of the messages you want to convey happens at the end. If you develop an action from the beginning without a clear vision of where you will end up, it may turn out that your conclusions are not backed up by everything that came before.

This story ends with the man deciding to go back to his woman. Doesn't that take all the pleasure in telling stories? When you begin with A and know that you must end with B, there are still 1,001 different ways to get there. It' just that the knowledge of how your novel ends in anticipation allows you to make a narrower and more focused story.

There is no need to go so far as to draw and polish the final line (although it won't do any harm if you do). Then as John Irving said, it's all about how best to tell a story that has already taken place! There''s as many ways to compose a novel as there are writers.

Next and the next day you begin working on a novel, at least think about how it ends.... before you go back to the beginning and begin to draw it in chronological order. To develop an action with a fixed end is probably much simpler.

What is the best way to develop a story with a good story about discover?

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