How to Develop a Short Story

Developing a short story

What is the process of developing the idea into a round story? In order to develop a short story, one must grasp its environment not only by the choice and arrangement of the words, but also by the series of events. Making a short story is an art. Making the protagonist of your novel or short story come to life is one of the most important parts of the creative writing process. You have the seed of a story idea in your head, but it's far from ready to write.

Find your own idea and create your own story - Creating Writings

You want a straightforward answer, as if the whole thing was all about making the tale, and not just the beginning. We know that the concept is no more than the catalyst, the fleeting thought that must be evolved into a viable storyline for a readership to be able to enjoy it.

It is not the imagination that is in such a state of peril for a resolute author. It' not a good thing about a little kid who didn't want to be a bellboy at his sister's marriage without realizing what was going to do. This is an original concept that I cited because it became my first ever written work.

That is, once you have found the concept, your fantasy will take over. Both these words, the concept and the fantasy, are the foundation of every good storyline. Both are needed to make a tale credible and alluring. Belletristicians are basically tellers, but you and I know the tough work behind these seemingly hassle-free stories.

First find your ideas and then let your fantasy run wild. If you don't think you have much fantasy, ask yourself what you would do if you won the lotto. As a matter of fact, you' re forgetting everything about typing for a moment, and wondering now..... Don't say you have no fantasy!

All of us sometimes like to dream, and don't overlook the fact that when you disregard doing the dishes or taking out the dust or the garbage and the children scream for their supper - while you look into outerspace in some sort of instalment while your fantasy is taking over - you can always tell them great that you're working.

If your fantasy has already taken you a little further along the road of your history, you will probably have written down a few more important words to remember. So, where did I go from here in my mind? As he was informed that his boyfriend would be a bellboy at another marriage and wanted to rent his wardrobe, it became his proud and the whole thing became happy - with a turn of phrase at the end when the bride's mom realized that it was good that she found this listing when she cleaned his sleep!

It was nothing more than a familial history that emerged from a very straightforward concept, but the situations were credible, the personalities were sincere and engaging and identifiable, and it was public.

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